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1**** Canvas, How to request a new space or check status of a request473652022-03-168827
2*** Canvas, Request a Space for a Registrar-Affiliated Course (Detailed)477462022-08-09170654
3Canvas, Reset Groups After Importing Course Content1163732022-12-05903
4University of Illinois, General LTI Integrations878672022-12-056706
5Canvas, Graduate Academy788632022-11-2820272
6Canvas, Turnitin Student Basics1128222022-11-231212
7Canvas, Turnitin, Creating an Assignment using the External Tool1130352022-11-231363
8Canvas, Roles1129362022-11-231351
9Canvas, Adding sections to a course1128762022-11-231329
10Canvas, Student Help Guides1129762022-11-231261
11Canvas, Turnitin Instructor Resource Hub1128242022-11-231190
12Canvas, Instructor Help Guides1129772022-11-231188
13Canvas, About Turnitin1128492022-11-232648
14Canvas, Turnitin Instructor Basics1128212022-11-231181
15Canvas, Turnitin, Creating an Assignment with Plagiarism Framework1130332022-11-231248
16Canvas, How to log in1128192022-11-233259
17Canvas, Students, How do I view assessment results in New Quizzes1128112022-11-231178
18Canvas, Profile and User Settings1128072022-11-231164
19Canvas, Creating Accessible Quizzes1147482022-11-111418
20Canvas, How to Use the Scheduler1150512022-11-091014

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