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Technology Services Printing, Double/Single Sided

Departments on campus have set different defaults for whether their printers use double sided (duplex) or single sided (simplex) printing. In some cases you can choose which method to use, but in others you will have to use the default method set.

Web Print

The Web Print system always uses the default set by the department for double or single sided printing. The system does not support changing this option from the Web Print submission page. If you'd like to use something other than the default, you will need to visit one of the computer lab locations for that printer.

Computer Labs

There are different ways to set the duplex option based on the application you are printing from.
  • Adobe Acrobat: in the print dialog there is an checkbox option that says "Print on both sides of paper".
  • Microsoft Office: in the print dialog there is a drop down option that says "Print One Sided", and two options for "Print on Both Sides".
  • Microsoft Edge: in the print dialog there is a link for "More settings". On the next page there is a "Duplex printing" option that lets you select "Print on one side", and two options for "Print on two sides".
  • Google Chrome: in the print dialog there is a checkbox option that says "Two-sided".
  • Windows "Print Pictures": this is the application you open when you right click on an image file and choose "Print". Select your printer, then in the lower right corner of the dialog click "Options...", then click "Printer Properties...", and in the "Document Properties" you can change the duplex or two-sided printing options.
  • General: other applications will have different ways of selecting the duplex option. In general, there should be a "Properties..." button that shows a printer properties dialog. From there you can access all the printer options, including duplexing.

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