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1AITS - Service Desk - Enterprise Access for Programs - API, Webservice, Event Streams89653University of Illinois System2024-05-072980
2Kaltura, Access Denied or API error101763University of Illinois Technology Services2024-01-267547
3Networking, Lens, API Calling Context Parameters48171University of Illinois Technology Services2023-12-1214586
4Course Explorer, Public API Access88215University of Illinois Technology Services2021-10-195055
5Networking, Lens API, RESTful LENS API Object Types48347University of Illinois Technology Services2017-06-095590
6Networking, Lens, Lens API Frequently Asked Questions48172University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196909
7Safety Data Sheets (SDS)130704UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-05-24291
8Receiving and Unpacking of Hazardous Drugs [Campus login required]129588UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-01-26170
9Networking, Lens API Quick Start Guide47895University of Illinois Technology Services2023-12-1212141
10Webtools - API for Campus Directory Profiles81050Answers @ ACES2022-10-033836
11Cybersecurity, API Code Review Discussion Questions106161University of Illinois Technology Services2021-01-123106
12U of I Box, Developer, Widgets, and APIs76491University of Illinois Technology Services2021-01-058169
13Networking, Lens API, ip_mac48357University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196944
14Networking, Lens API, mac_port48376University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196626
15Networking, Lens API, subnet48380University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196549
16Networking, Lens API, interface_vlan48356University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196663
17Networking, Lens API, vlan48382University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-197014
18Networking, Lens API, password48378University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196192
19Networking, Lens, Lens API Result Object48350University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-196890
20Networking, Lens API, interface48355University of Illinois Technology Services2016-12-197135

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