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JDXpert - Training for University of Illinois Springfield

This JDXpert training for University of Illinois Springfield is divided into the following four sections:

Logging Into JDXpert

JDXpert calls for a Single Sign-on (SSO) account to log into the system. Ensure that you are logged onto the VPN.

For the best navigation experience and screen view, JDXpert should be used on an updated Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari (for Macs) with a browser zoom of 100%. JDXpert is optimized for 1920x1080 display resolution or higher, but JDXpert will still work reasonably well with a minimum screen resolution of 1400x900.

  1. Log in with your SSO account on the UIS JDXpert Log In website.
  2. Enter your NetID in the Username field.
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Click Sign In.

Creating a Job Description

Selecting a Job Template

  1. Under Actions on the left menu, click Add Job.
    NOTE: You may also click Add Job in the Quick Links section on the Home Page.
  2. On the Add Job window, click Blank Job for new positions or Select Base Job if you are refilling a position that has previously been created in JDXpert.
    NOTE: Because this is a new system, most users will select Blank Job for the first several months.

Blank Job

  1. Enter a New Job Title.
    NOTE: A New Job Code will automatically be assigned by the system.
  2. Select Workflow from the drop-down menu.
    NOTE: Each workflow indicates how many steps or approvals are required.
    1. Academic Professional – new positions, vacant positions, significant permanent changes to existing duties and/or titles, salary changes, counter offers, temporary duty additions outside of the current umbrella
    2. Civil Service Staff – new positions, vacant positions, alternative compensation (counter offers, equity increases, permanent or temporary duty changes)
    3. Faculty JD Update – submitted through the required process in Academic Affairs
    4. Faculty – submitted through the required process in Academic Affairs
    5. Job Audit – significant permanent changes to Civil Service positions that may require a change in classification/title
    6. Job Description Update – small changes such as reporting line adjustments, slight duty or percentage changes, biennial job description updates (no change to title or salary)
    7. Temporary or Extra-Help – temporary positions utilized to perform duties for a short term, while a vacancy is in the recruiting process or to determine the direction of program development

Select Job Base

  1. Choose one of the following to search jobs to use as a template:
    1. Manual Search
      1. Enter the job name in the Search Jobs for field, then click Search (magnifying glass icon).
    2. Job Family/Sub-Function Explorer
      1. Select Choose Job Family and Sub-Function in the drop-down menu next to the Search Jobs for field.
      2. Select the appropriate department from the list.
        NOTE: Click the plus icons next to the department name to expand the list and see more specific options for each department.
      3. Click Select and Close.
      4. Select the job template you would like to use from the Results list.
      5. Click Save and Close.
  2. Click Yes or No for the prompt, “Do you want to populate the Title from the selected Base Job?
  3. Enter or edit the New Job Title.
    NOTE: A New Job Code will automatically be assigned by the system.
  4. Select the This is a Child Job checkbox.
    NOTE: Failure to check this box may result in data not populating from the template.
  5. Select Workflow from the drop-down menu.
    NOTE: Each workflow indicates how many steps or approvals are required.

Assigning Approvers

  1. Assign the appropriate approvers for each approval workflow step by clicking on the plus (+) icon or Add Participant(s).
    NOTE: The initiator or first person in the workflow will have their name automatically assigned to the workflow. They will have edit rights to the job description. If this is a workflow for a search with a job description, the Hiring Manager must be the second approver in the workflow. University Budget Officer will already be assigned by the system.
  2. On the Add Participant window, select the appropriate security group from the drop-down menu in the Search bar.
  3. Enter the approver’s name in the Search field.
  4. Click on the approver’s name from the list.
  5. Click Add Participant.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 to assign approvers for all the workflow steps.
  7. Once all approvers are assigned, click Start Workflow.
  8. Click Edit (paper and pencil icon) under the Action column to complete the job description.

Completing the Job Description

Please fill out all the fields as best as possible. There are required fields that must be completed before moving on to the next section. You may hover over the question mark icon next to an item for more information about the field.

  1. Make sure the Edit toggle button is enabled to edit each section.
  2. Use the tab navigation on the left to navigate to each section or click Next at the end of each section.

Job Information

  1. Complete the fields in the Job Information tab.
    1. COA (Chart of Account) – Please select the appropriate COA, as it will determine other fields required for this job description.
    2. Proposed Start Date – If you do not have a specific start date, enter today’s date.

HR Use Only

  1. Skip the HR Use Only tab. These fields will be completed by the HR office later in the approval workflow.

Job Summary

  1. Enter the Job Summary.
    1. [Optional] You may enter the job summary using the full screen editor by clicking Full Screen.
      NOTE: Job Summary should be a few sentences that outline the main essential duties and should include the level of authority designated to the position.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Click Add Row.
  2. Enter a description of the duties and responsibilities in the field.
    NOTE: Do not use bullets or numbers in the field, since a bullet is already provided.
  3. Select the % Time from the down-down menu.
  4. Repeat steps 6 to 8 to add more rows.
    NOTE: The Additional Responsibilities field is not editable and will appear on all job descriptions.


  1. Complete the Minimum Qualifications, Specialty Factors, and Preferred Qualifications fields, as needed.
  2. Click Add to enter Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs), as needed.
    NOTE: If you need any help identifying KSAs for your job description, you can enter a keyword in the field and/or click Search (magnifying glass icon). A list of suggested KSAs will be generated from the library.

Physical Demands

  1. Select the appropriate radio button indicating the type and frequency of the Physical Demand and Working Environment, as needed.
    NOTE: Physical demands that are selected with a frequency other than N/A will appear on the job description.
  2. Select the Estimate Amount and add a Brief Description for Travel Requirements, as needed.


  1. Read each item and select the statements that are appropriate for the job description, as needed.
    NOTE: For positions that have supervisory responsibilities, it is recommended to fill out these sections.


  1. Complete the Employee Information, Justification, Position Information, as needed.
  2. Enter the FOAP (Fund, Organization, Account and Program) and Background Check FOAP information.
    NOTE: This is not required for updates to job positions.

Approvals and Comments

  1. Click Save.
  2. If there are one or more errors detected by the system, click Continue Editing to make changes and resolve any field validation errors.
  3. When all errors are fixed, click Save.
  4. If there are errors that remain, click Close Form with Errors. However, please be aware that this can potentially delay the process.

Once the job description form is completed, the initiator must approve the job description to start the approval workflow.

Finding and Approving a Job Description

Finding a Job Description to Review

  1. On the Home Page, find the job description you want to review in the Tasks section of the dashboard.
  2. Double click the job description name.
    NOTE: The job description form will appear.
  3. Use the navigation tabs on the left to review each section of the job description.

Approving a Job Description

Use the action bar on the top of the screen to approve the job description. This approval process will repeat unless a return is made, or the step is the final approval.

  1. Click Approve (thumbs up icon).
  2. If there are one or more errors detected by the system, click Continue Editing to make changes and resolve any field validation errors.
  3. When all errors are fixed, click Save.
  4. If there are errors remaining, click Approve with Errors. However, please be aware that this can potentially delay the process.
  5. Click Approve Step.
  6. If there are errors remaining, select the checkbox to accept the agreement that there are validation errors in this job description.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Click Ok on the Confirmation window. 

Once approved, JDXpert will automatically send an email to the next approver notifying them that they will need to review and approve the job description. This will also appear in the notification section on the next approver’s dashboard.

Rejecting/Returning a Job Description

If you are second approver or later in the approval order, you will have the option to reject or return the job description to the previous approver. Use the action bar on the top of the screen.

  1. Click Reject (thumbs down icon). The Return Workflow screen will appear.
  2. Check the checkbox to Send e-mail to the previous step approver(s).
  3. Enter a comment in the field describing the reason for rejecting/returning. 
  4. Click Return Step.

Final Approval Step

These steps should be completed by the final approver in the approval workflow.

  1. The job description will automatically be checked as Flag as approved. Do not uncheck this box.
  2. Do not check the Notify Managers check box.
  3. Click Finalize Workflow to approve job description.
    NOTE: The initiator will receive an email notification informing them that this has now been approved.
  4. Click Ok on the Confirmation window.

Job Description Viewing and Sharing Options

Viewing a Job Description in Print View

  1. Under Search on the left menu, click Job Library.
    NOTE: You may also click Job Library in the Quick Links section on the Home Page.
  2. Find the job you wish to view by using the Search bar and Filter options.
    NOTE: You may need to clear default filters.
  3. Click once on the job description you wish to preview.
    NOTE: Double clicking on the job description will open the job description in edit mode.
  4. Click the Preview icon (document with a magnifying glass icon) to the right of the job list.
    NOTE: This will expand the job description Preview pane and show the job description in print view.

Viewing Options

In the Preview pane, there are icons next to the Conversion Profile drop-down menu on the top for various viewing options.

  1. Click the Word icon to view the job description in Microsoft Word.
  2. Click the PDF icon to view the job description in Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Click the HTML icon to view the job description in your web browser.

Sharing a Job Description

Sharing a Job Description with a Link

  1. Click the Share icon.
  2. [Optional] Enter an expiration date by clicking on the Set expiration date field.
  3. Click Create Link.
  4. Copy the link displayed to share outside of the system.

Sharing a Job Description by Sending an Email

  1. Click the checkbox to Send an Email with this Share Link.
    NOTE: An email template will appear.
  2. Enter the email address of the person you wish to share the job description in the To field.
  3. Edit the Subject and Body fields of the email template, if needed.
  4. Click Send Email.
  5. Click OK.

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