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UAFR - Copying a Journal Voucher

Copying a Journal Voucher

If you make the same entry every month, or you need to reverse a journal voucher posted in error, you can copy an existing journal voucher instead of starting a new one. You can copy journal voucher records, copy the document text, and reverse a posted journal voucher using any of the journal voucher pages.

  1. Type FGAJVCD in the Search field and press ENTER to open Journal Voucher Entry.
    To open Journal Voucher Quick, type FGAJVCQ.
    To open Journal Voucher Mass Entry, type FGAJVCM.
  2. Click the Copy button.
  3. Enter the document number to copy in the Copy From Document Number field. Click the Search button to search for a particular journal voucher document.
  4. Press TAB twice to move to the Copy To Document Number field.
  5. The Transaction Date field defaults to the system date. You may enter another acceptable date.
  6. Select the Reverse JV check box to reverse a journal voucher, or leave unselected if not reversing a journal voucher.
  7. Select the Copy Text check box to copy the original document text to the new journal voucher, or leave unselected if not copying the document text.
  8. Click the OK button to return to the Document Header section.
  9. Press TAB to move to the Document Total field. Make any necessary changes.
  10. Select Related, Document Text from the menu to access FOATEXT.
  11. Type a complete description of the transaction, original document number, your name, work unit, and 10-digit phone number. (Press the DOWN ARROW to access each needed text line.)
    Edit the existing text as needed, including a description of the transaction, the original document number, your name, unit, and 10-digit phone number
  12. Click the Save button
  13. Click the Close button to return to the Document Header section.
  14. Click the Next Section button.
  15. Use the arrows to review all records for accuracy. Make any changes as needed.
  16. Click the Next Section button.
  17. Click the Complete button to save and submit for posting.
    Click the In Process button to save and complete later.
  18. Click the Close button to return to the main menu.

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