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1UAFR - JV Processing Resource Guide1242952024-04-021068
2UAFR - Approval Process for Journal Vouchers Involving Grant Funds1361832024-03-21224
3UAFR - JV Feeder Front-End User Guide1361722024-03-20391
4UAFR - Journal Voucher Processing1235802024-02-021320
5UAFR - Journal Voucher Processing Glossary1243642024-02-02990
6UAFR - Creating a Journal Voucher with FGAJVCM1204312024-02-021689
7UAFR - Deleting a Journal Voucher with Incomplete Status1204322024-02-021555
8UAFR - Creating a Journal Voucher with FGAJVCD and FGAJVCQ1204302024-02-022069
9UAFR - Copying a Journal Voucher1204262024-02-021772
10UAFR - Correcting a Journal Voucher with Incomplete Status1204282024-02-021512
11UAFR - Correcting a Posted Journal Voucher Transaction1204292024-02-021519
12UAFR- Fix a Journal Voucher Feeder File that has Errors1351652024-01-31288
13UAFR - Find Status of Journal Voucher Feeder File1351642024-01-31253
14UAFR - Upload Journal Voucher Transactions1351632024-01-31275
15UAFR - Request Access to Journal Voucher Finance Feeder1351622024-01-31240
16UAFR - JV Processing Certificate Final Assessment1236822024-01-25989
17UAFR - JV Processing Certificate Course1236812024-01-252163

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