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System HR - Reverification

System HR - Reverification

Important: Tracker does not currently support native reverification for remote hires. If you need to reverify an employee remotely, please see the Remote Reverification Instructions.

Step 1. Search for the Employee

System HR - Reverification

The most reliable practice is to search using the UIN in the Employee ID field. If no record is found, you may also try to find the employee using their First and Last Name.

Be aware that certain records may match in name, but can be entirely different employees. If the search returns an existing record, open the employee profile by clicking on the result, then clicking View Selected Profile (see below). Confirm the details of the record, including date of birth, to determine if the record matches.

System HR - Reverification

If you do not find an employee profile, or if the record does not have an active I-9, their I-9 may have been completed prior to Tracker being implemented. If you need to complete a reverification for an employee who does not have an I-9 in Tracker, contact your central HR office for assistance with creating a Historical I-9.

Step 2. Create & Complete a New Section 3

Once you find the completed form in Tracker, click the Section 3 tab. Then, at the bottom of the page, click Create New Section 3. Fields for Section 3 will be revealed:

 System HR - Reverification

Part A

If the employee has not changed their name since the I-9 was completed (or since the previous reverification, whichever is more recent) then enter N/A in each of the name fields.

If the employee has changed their name, enter the new name here. Note that this does not update the Employee Profile, and you will need to update the Profile in addition.

Part B

Date of Rehire must be left blank. Reverifications should only be completed for employees in continuous, ongoing employment. University policy requires that if an employee terminates and is later rehired, a new I-9 must be completed.

Part C

Complete this section similarly to Section 2. After examining and verifying documents, select the documents from the list and enter the required information. Typically, this will include the document number and the expiration date.If you need to enter "D/S" in the expiration field for an I-94, it will auto-populate once you select the appropriate visa in the Additional Documents list.

If the employee is authorized with a J-1, F-1, or H-1 visa, select the Foreign Passport with I-94 option. Then, select the additional visa from the Additional Documents list. Complete all fields.

Important: If an employee presents an acceptable receipt for any document, check the Employee presented an acceptable receipt in lieu of an original document checkbox at the end of Part C. Once the employee receives the document, you must return to the form, update Section 3 with the final details, and un-check the receipt box.

H-1B Visa Extension Application

If an application for the extension of an H-1B visa has been submitted and is being processed, select Nonimmigrant extension w/ current employer as the additional document type. In the Extension Filing Date field, enter the date on which the application for extension was filed. The reverification due date will be calculated as 240 days from the current H-1B expiration date.

Validate & Sign

Once complete, you must electronically sign Section 3:

  • Your first name, last name, and title will pre-populate. Confirm the information is correct.
  • Check the “I Agree” box to affirm that you have reviewed and verified, to the best of your knowledge, the information entered in Section 3.
  • Click “Sign Form I-9 Electronically” to sign and complete Section 3.

If there are any mistakes found which prevent you from signing Section 3, correct them and try again. If you continue to experience problems, contact your central HR office.

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