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UPB - Time Reporting for Positive Time Entry for Student, Extra Help, Academic/Graduate Hourly (PHATIME)

The department originator reports time for non-status employees (Student, Extra Help, Academic/Graduate Hourly) in department time entry (PHATIME) using positive time entry.

Open PHATIME in Banner

  1. Login to Banner.
  2. Type PHATIME in the Search field and press ENTER to open Electronic Approvals of Time Entry (PHATIME).

Filter the timesheets

Complete the following fields by typing the information or using the Search button to select from the list of options.

  1. COA: Type the timesheet COA.
  2. Organization: Type the timesheet organization code.
  3. Transaction Status: Pending. Click the drop-down arrow to select if needed.
  4. Year: Type the current year in the Year field (if necessary).
  5. Payroll ID: Type the Payroll ID BW (for bi-weekly).
  6. Payroll Number: Type the appropriate Pay Period Number.
  7. Click the Go button.
    NOTE: The first timesheet with an In Progress status will display.

Enter the Time

  1. Select the employee timesheet to be reviewed.
  2. Click the Next Section button to edit the timesheet.
  3. Type the earnings code in the Earn field.
    OR Click the Search button to select from the list of options.
  4. Type the number of hours worked for each day on the same line as the appropriate earnings code - this field is not visible on the form.
  5. Click the Save button.
    NOTE: The timesheet may be saved allowing users to return to it later to continue entering time.

Submit the Timesheet

  1. Select Submit Time for Approval from the Tools menu. This action moves the transaction status of the timesheet to Pending so the approval process can begin.
  2. To enter time for the next employee, click the Previous Section button to move to the Jobs Section and select the next employee timesheet.
  3. Click the Close button when finished.
    NOTE: Employees who hold more than one position will have a timesheet for each bi-weekly position. The Department Originator should pay close attention so that time information is entered accurately for each position.


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