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System Offices Budget Transfer Approval Queue Training FAQ

This is a FAQ for the System Offices Budget Transfer Approval Queue

Units can process temporary budget adjustments in Banner or via Finance Feeder Front-End, effective May 6th, 2024.  Below are the prerequisites and procedures for the new process.

Completion of the JV Certification Course and access to Rule Code Groups B02 (same-chart) and B03 (intercampus) is required to process these JVs. Access to this rule code group is dependent upon budget office approval.

  • Use Rule Code 214 for temporary same chart budget transfers
  • Use Rule Code 215 for temporary intercampus budget transfers (budget transfers that cross charts)

Use of Banner Forms FGAJVCM and FGAJVCQ is recommended (UAFR - Creating a Journal Voucher with FGAJVCD and FGAJVCQ ( or UAFR - Creating a Journal Voucher with FGAJVCM (

When processing temporary budget transfers, the following are required:

  • A budget period must be entered; the budget period should match the transaction date on the entry (e.g., Budget Period = 06 for a December Transaction Date)
  • A budgeted fund type (State and Institutional) must be used
    • Allowable fund codes on Chart 9 include: 1000xx, 200200, 200201, 200203, 200204, 200250, 200256, and 200258
  • Fund codes must be the same on all sequences of the entry
    • The only exception is for temporary intercampus budget transfers of administrative allowance; contact the System Offices Budget Office for further details
  • Budget account codes must be used, and the same account code should be the same on all sequences of the entry
    • Use of budget (10xxxx), plant (17xxxx), revenue (3xxxxx) and transfer (4xxxxx) account codes are not allowed
    • Refer to the Account Code Search Tool for additional information on account codes
  • Multiple debits and credits are not allowed; however, entries may have one debit to many credits or one credit to many debits
  • Total debits must equal total debits; entries must net to zero
  • Note that a debit (+) increases budget while a credit (-) decreases budget
  • Please allow up to two business days for your entry to post; if your entry is rejected, a message with further details be sent through email or Banner Form GUAMESG (UAFR Weekly Tips: Banner Message Page GUAMESG | Illinois)

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