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Grainger College of Engineering Guest Speaker & Special Event Checklist

Engineering IT has created this checklist to help ensure critical information is collected and shared among everyone involved in making your event a success. In this checklist, the term ‘coordinator’ refers to the departmental point of contact for the guest speaker or event.

For Support Contact Engineering IT at 

Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Collecting and providing the event logistics information with Engineering IT and any remote attendees, as appropriate.
  • Ensuring equipment needs are met and working with Engineering IT to perform relevant testing in advance for their guest(s).
  • Reserving a space that can accommodate the department’s needs. With advance notice, Engineering IT can help ensure an event is scheduled to be recorded (if applicable). 

1: Collect & Provide Event Information to Engineering IT

Email with the following details up to one month prior to the event.

72-hour notice is requested to guarantee Engineering IT can accommodate your event.

  • Who is the event coordinator?
  • When is the speaker giving their presentation? (date and time)
  • Where will the speaker give their presentation? (what building and what room)

2: Confirm Event Room A/V Capabilities

Some rooms within the Grainger College of Engineering have the ability to schedule an automated room recording for your event. Some include the ability to utilize Zoom to include remote participants. Advanced testing with Engineering IT is appreciated. 


  • Can the speaker arrive in advance to test their connection?
    • 30 minutes prior to the presentation is highly suggested.
  • Will the event be recorded or use Zoom?
  • Does the speaker need wireless access while they’re on campus?
  • Are there other technical requirements for this event? (For example, will there be a remote presenter?)
  • Does the speaker need software installed (if available)?

Below are Engineering IT supported rooms with presentation capabilities:

3: Request Recording or Conferencing for Event

When providing event information to Engineering IT, include recording requests and if you are using Zoom. While Microsoft Teams is a supported option, we encourage using Zoom for Cloud recordings.


  • Does the coordinator need to create a Zoom meeting for the event?
  • How will remote attendees connect?
  • Will remote attendees be actively or passively participating?
  • Has the coordinator identified someone to moderate online participation?

Additional Resources


MS Teams

4: Confirm Technology Equipment Needs for Event

For the event, the presenter may need additional connections, access, or equipment.


  • Will the presenter use the in-room computer for the event?
  • Will the presenter need to borrow a laptop or adapters** for the event?
  • Will the presenter use their own laptop and display adapters?
  • Does the speaker have alternate locations of their presentation (Cloud storage, USB drive)?
  • Does the speaker have their own slide advancer? 

Additional Resources

**check with Engineering IT, adapters are limited

5: Schedule a Walk Through with Engineering IT A/V Team

Our Engineering IT A/V team recommends requesting time to prepare for your event with a walk through of the room. 

  • Coordinators are encouraged to schedule a brief meeting in the event space to go over the audio visual equipment before to the event (preferably a week prior).
  • Testing of equipment can be performed.
  • In-person questions can be addressed.

Include this in the event request or separately by emailing

Short URL:


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