Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Linking a Secondary Account

Secondary resource accounts - such as superuser and OU administration accounts - can be linked to your NetID. This allows you to use and maintain a common set of MFA devices.


By linking a secondary account (alias) to your NetID, you will be able to log into applications using different usernames and passwords but sharing the same MFA devices. If you make a change to your authentication devices (changed phone number, purchased hardware token, etc.), you will only need to update that information for your primary account (NetID).

  • You may add a maximum of 4 aliases.
  • Each of the aliases you add must contain your NetID in the username (for example, a user with NetID johndoe can add their su-johndoe or ou-johndoe account since it contains their NetID in the username).


To set up and maintain your alias(es), please follow the below steps:

  1. Log into the NetID Center ( with your primary account.
  2. Click on the Help Guide in the lower left, under 'Services & Assistance'.
  3. Click on the link labeled 'Managing special accounts and aliases'.
  4. After reading through the information on the page, click on the 'Alias management form' link at the bottom of the page.
  5. When you are prompted to log in, log in with your secondary account.  If you have already added 2FA to this account, you will need to authenticate with 2FA.

Once an alias has been added, it will appear on the NetID Center Dashboard under the 2FA section.

If you need to add or delete an alias in the future, follow the steps mentioned above or click on the Linked to alias hyperlink on the NetID Center Dashboard under the 2FA section:

Screenshot showing what the NetID Center looks like once you've added an alias.

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