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Instructors with videos in Kaltura can add limited quizzing functionality to them through the online editor.

The video quizzing function in Kaltura is best viewed as adding functionality to a video, rather than a full-featured assessment.  

Instructors who use Kaltura in-video quizzing should have backup plans for issues such as some students not being able to complete quizzes, or some students' results being lost.   The video quizzing function is best viewed as adding interactivity to a video, rather than a full-featured assessment.  

As an alternative (and the method we recommend), you can embed a video into the instructions or a question in a "Classic" quiz inside Canvas (Kaltura, Add a video to Canvas ) or inside Illinois Compass with the "Mashup" button  (Kaltura, Add Video to a Test in Illinois Compass ).  Many instructors would prefer this, because of the full-featured quizzing available inside their Compass course spaces, and greater reliability.  

Thus you have the choice of adding video to a quiz in Compass or Canvas (or Moodle), or adding quiz questions to to a video.

Instructors can choose to add quizzing to a Kaltura video either through or though Compass.  

To create a video quiz inside mediaspace, you will need to edit the video and choose "Launch Editor" from the Actions menu.  See this help document on Kaltura's Website:  

Note well: you must hit the "shuffle" button to randomize the answers. 

Note also: A student can only take a Kaltura video quiz once.  

To access test results by downloading a .csv file through, follow this procedure, from Kaltura's Website:  and go to "Show How to View Quiz Reports and Analytics."

If you are using Compass:

The first thing you'll need to do is activate Kaltura video quizzing in your course space.  To do this in your Compass space, go to the control panel in the lower-left hand of the page and click on Customization and then Tool Availability.  Then check the box to activate "Kaltura Video Quiz."   
To create or add a video quiz inside Compass: You will now be able to choose "Kaltura Video Quiz" from the "Assessments" menu.  This will show you your Kaltura account just as you can see in on mediaspace in a pop-up window.  If you have already created video quizes, they will show up here.  Otherwise you can use the Add New button in the upper-right.  Then you would follow the procedure on this help document on Kaltura's Website:  

Note that you must hit the "shuffle" button to randomize the answers!

After you add a video quiz to your Compass space, a column will be added to the grade center to receive the grade.

Again, a student can only take a Kaltura video quiz once.  This would apply to any user, including you and your Preview account if you use "Student Preview" mode.  Even if you clear the attempt for a student in the Grade Center, it will merely erase the grade.  The student will not be able to take it again.  

If you are using Canvas, you will need to add the video quiz as an "External Tool."(See this help document from Kaltura.)

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