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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Left Navigation Bar Links

Last updated on 2024-05-06
Menu items on the left-hand side of the Documents Tab in KB Admin Tools
  • Group: KB User's Guide
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  • Total views: 51304
ID: 8537

KB Users Guide - Settings Tab - Creating a Site Map Menu Based on Topics

Last updated on 2023-09-11
This document will show you how to create a site-map style topic navigation menu for your Live KB Site(s). This menu will display your highest-level topics, which once clicked, will direct the user to a page with links to sub-topics and their ...
  • Group: KB User's Guide
  • Views this week: 14
  • Total views: 41324
ID: 64418

KB User's Guide - Settings Tab - Menus

Last updated on 2023-08-24
Menus appear on your Live KB Site(s). There are seven distinct places where an Admin can apply a Menu. This document will help describe Menu functionality and how you can use it to best engage your users.
  • Group: KB User's Guide
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  • Total views: 63114
ID: 27019

KB User's Guide - Settings Tab - Displaying KB Pre-defined Features via Side Module Links

Last updated on 2023-06-27
This document will go into detail on how to display links to the Site-level Feedback Form, Topics Map, Keyword Index, Site Glossary, Assessment page, and Dropbox page as Side Module Links.
  • Group: KB User's Guide
  • Views this week: 20
  • Total views: 26608
ID: 25234

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