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Mass Spectrometry Rates (web)

A list of services offered by the University of Illinois School of Chemical Sciences Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, and their respective prices.

Mass Spec Lab Rates


Service (per sample unless otherwise indicated) University of Illinois Rate Non-UI Academic Rate Non-Academic Rate
Low Resolution MS $14.90 $19.63 $44.87
High Resolution MS $17.61 $23.19 $54.61
GC-MS $17.61 $23.19 $54.61
LC-MS $17.61 $23.19 $54.61
MS-MS $11.41 $27.89 $54.61
Isotope Ratio $14.90 $19.63 $44.87
Self-Run Instrument Use (per hour) $47.86 N/A N/A
Self-Run LC of GC MS $10.84 N/A N/A
Additional Staff Assistance /
Sample prep
$16.25/hr $21.40/hr $58.39/hr
Ziptip sample prep $6.01 $7.91 $17.16

  • University of Illinois Rate pertains to all MSL users of the University of Illinois including the Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield campuses.
    • The University of Illinois Rate has been computed based on the average operating costs of the MSL.
  • Non-UI Academic Rate pertains to all other schools.
  • Non-Academic Rate pertains to everyone else.
  • Non-UI Academic and Non-Academic Rates include additional overhead expenses and/or state paid expenses

Rates Effective 6/01/2022

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