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1NMR-Laboratory Staff Information [Campus login required]1020792024-06-030
2NMR-Terms of Agreement for Solid-State NMR Users [Campus login required]1004012024-06-030
3NMR-Instrument Information [Campus login required]1005592023-12-010
4NMR-Reservation Protocols for Solid-State NMR Spectrometers [Campus login required]1003952023-12-010
5NMR Rate Table (web)995912023-11-03671
6NMR-VXR500 Reservation Protocol1001532023-08-14489
7NMR-UI500NB Reservation Protocol1001502023-08-14467
8NMR-Staff Contact Information1018872023-03-31475
9NMR-Guidelines for Using the UI600 [Campus login required]1004042023-03-310
10NMR-Reservation Protocols for the VNS750NB (Liquids) [Campus login required]1004022023-03-310
11NMR-Request for Spectrometer Time form [Campus login required]1003982023-03-310
12NMR-UNITY INOVA 500WB NMR System1007072023-03-311161
13NMR-U500 Reservation Protocol [Campus login required]1001522023-03-310
14NMR-UI400 Reservation Protocol [Campus login required]1001472023-03-310
15NMR-Location Maps-Lab Instruments [Campus login required]1005512023-03-310
16NMR-Welcome to the NMR Laboratory [Campus login required]1020762023-03-300
17NMR-UI300 [Campus login required]1006842023-03-300
18NMR-Reservation Protocols for UI600 [Campus login required]1004032023-03-300
19NMR-New User Training Booklet-page1 [Campus login required]1009982023-03-302
20NMR-Getting Started in the NMR Lab1009732021-09-132385
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