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HTSF - Platemate Plus

A step-by-step guide to using Platemate Plus

If wash cycle is needed:

  1. Make sure the right wash station (96 or 384) is correctly connected on stage 3.
    • image1(cropped).jpg
  2. Fill supply water if there is not enough water left. 
  3. Insert lower pump supply tube into water tank.
  4. Make sure waste tube is correctly inserted into waste tank.
    • image13new.jpg

Use PlateMate Plus liquid handler:

  1. Turn on power switch of PlateMate Plus.
  2. Open ControlMate Program.
    •  image11new.jpg
  3. Open your program in "PlateMate Plus Protocol" folder.
    •  image7new.jpg
  4. Go to "NotePad" and refer to notes.
    • image4new.jpg
  5. Go to "Add-Ins" -> "Change Pipettor or Tips".
    • image9new.jpg
  6. Select the right tips to be used.
    •  image8new.jpg
  7. Go to second panel “Replace Pipettor or Tips”. Select “Tips only” and uncheck “remove tip magazine”. Then click “start”.  image3new.jpg
  8. The tip holding clamp is now open. Program will instruct you to inset tip magazine. 
    • image2new.jpg
  9. Double check the tip magazine you use matches the description in notes. Slide the correct tip magazine into the clamp and click “done”.
    • image5new.jpg image6new.jpg
  10. The tip holding clamp now is closed.  Click “OK”. 
  11. Refer to notes, put plates and reservoir (filled with indicated solution) into the correct positions. image10new.jpg
  12.  Double check to make sure all plates, reservoirs, wash station are placed correctly on the magazines or stages. Make sure reservoir is located within the metal rims and plate stackers are closed. 
  13. Run program and make sure the wash station is primed correctly and the first plate is handled correctly.
    image14new.jpgIf the reservoir needs to be refilled or any urgent pause is needed, click stop and the program will pause. Once done with pause, or refilling reagent, click OK to resume.
    • image12new.jpgIf an error happens, stop and cancel the program, and power off the instrument.Then turn on instrument and run the program again.

After use:

    1. Remove plates and reservoir on stackers and stages.
    2. Remove tip magazine.
    3. Close ControlMate Program and turn off the instrument.
    4. Empty waste tank.

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