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Circular dichroism instrument

Circular dichroism measurements are available using a Jasco J-1500 spectrophotometer.

The J-1500 has a wavelength range from 163 to 950 nm. Data can be collected at room temperature or, with the use of the Peltier temperature controller, between -7 and 130 degrees Celsius. The data collection software can be configured for automatically controlled variable temperature experiments at a single wavelength or coupled to a wavelength scan.

The spectrophotometer is also equipped with an automatic titration unit for conducting concentration dependence or binding studies. With a simple swap of the sample stage, the spectrophotometer can be configured to measure the CD spectra of solid powders or thin films in either a reflection or a transmission geometry.

Various cuvettes and solid sample holders are available for use including a microsampling disk that requires only 2 microliters of solution.

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