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Obtaining and Installing NMR Software




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22 December 2020

To: All Students, Staff, and Faculty of the UIUC Campus

Topic: Mnova NMR Software Full Version Available Free to All Campus Users

Dear NMR Users:


Mnova NMR data analysis software is available to everyone on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. All students, staff, and faculty are eligible, and all you need is your net ID and password. This is a perpetual license package currently good for version 14.1.0. The license package will continue to work perpetually, but might expire 90 days after leaving campus.


To obtain your own copy of the six Mnova NMR licenses and the Mnova software, follow these instructions carefully.


1.     First, be sure you are a registered user of the Illinois Box system at


2.     Then, go to this link, then download and save all 6 licenses:


You will need to log in with your Net ID and password from a campus-secured website. You might need to copy and paste this link, or type the link to get it to work properly, or save this PDF letter separately and open the link in Adobe. Save all 6 licenses to your Downloads folder or other convenient, known location.


3.     Go to this link to download Mnova NMR version 14.1.0 software for your computer.



 Please scroll down on the web site to “Download previous versions” and click on “14.1.0” and download the version appropriate for you. 


Click and save to the default location it creates on your computer. On a Windows PC the Programs Files/Mestrelab S.L folder will be about 986 MB, on a Mac maybe a little more. Again, use version 14.1.0.


4.     Once the software download is completed, locate the MestReNova-14.1.0-23239_x64.msi file (Windows version about 368 MB), Run it, and proceed to install.


a.  Press Next when ready to proceed, then continue with the installation.


5.     Prediction and qNMR are both included in Mnova.  See next page for activation instructions.

6.   Activating the licenses has some restrictions:


a.     The best way to activate the licenses is to open the Mnova software while using a wired Internet connection on campus.


b.     You cannot be connected to the campus unsecured WiFi network to activate the licenses. You might be able to use a secured connection such as IllinoisNet Secure Wireless Service ( )


c.     If you activate the licenses from off campus, you must use the campus VPN so you have a secured campus connection.


d.     You can also install the VPN and use it regardless of the campus network you are on, and that should allow you to activate the licenses.


7.     Open the Mnova NMR software, and it will instruct you on how to activate the 6 licenses.  If it

does not instruct you, do this:

a.     Press the Help button, then Get/Install Licenses, then follow the instructions.


b.     Repeat the license installation step once for each license, so do this 6 times.


c.     Once you activate all 6 licenses, restart Mnova and the software should be ready to use. It should open without any licensing errors. You can proceed to use the Mnova software even when not connected to the Internet (though on-line support features will not work).


If you are upgrading your Mnova version, there is no need to remove the old version. Just get the new version from the Mnova website, and install it and the licenses as described above.


On-line tutorials are built-in for nearly every feature of the Mnova software via the Help, Contents, Search pathway. If you need assistance, let us know. An on-line manual for Mnova is here, but it is over 800 pages long.


Common problems:


Installation will not succeed if only part of the Mnova program has been downloaded. A Wi-Fi download seems particularly likely to be incomplete. Try to download on a wired connection, or ask for a copy from a friend via a USB stick.


o  The key directory created is Mestrelab Research S.L


If license activation is attempted while not on a secured, campus network, the program will not run. Again, a wired connection seems most reliable, and look for https:// in the web address.


As a reminder, download version 14.1.0.


Here's a basic, good tutorial on Mnova NMR:

Best regards,


Dean Olson signature 



Dean Olson on behalf of the NMR Lab Staff:


Nikki Duay, Lingyang Zhu, Andre Sutrisno


Trish Mata, Britney Naolhu

Undergrad Technical Assistants

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