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Adobe Sign - List of Group Admins

Find your group administrator for Adobe Sign. Your group admin can provision your account. If your unit is not listed, please contact your USC.

To gain access to send documents (agreements) out for signature using Adobe Sign, contact group admin listed for your unit below.  They will approve and provision an Adobe Sign account for you.  

If your unit is not listed, contact your Unit Security Contact (USC). USCs can provision accounts for a unit/department by registering a Adobe Sign group and appointing a Group Administrator. Complete and submit the Adobe Sign Access Request form: Once the group is activated, the appointed Group Admin can provision sending accounts as needed for their users. If a USC wants to act as Group Admin, their backup USC must complete the Access Request form. 

Please visit the University's eSignature page for full Terms of Service, Frequently Asked Questions, and relevant policies. KnowledgeBase also has several helpful KB articles about using Adobe Sign and its many features.


BrendaAnkenbrandSO Academic Programs and Services -- University Administration
TeriKarpmanSO Academic Programs and Services -- University Administration
NishaAggarwalSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
ShellyBensonSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
DebbyBorgSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
SheilaBrownSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
CynthiaCobbSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
SCrossSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
JenniferEhrnthallerSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
RichardGeggSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
AmyGlennSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
JoanneKaczmarekSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
MichaelKramerSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
ShawnLeeSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
MarlaMcKinneySO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
JenniferOttoSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
RodneySchaeferSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
CandiceSolomon-StrutzSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
TimothyVruwinkSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
JulieWagnerSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
BrentWestSO Admin Info Technology Services -- University Administration
ScottZalatorisSO Business Sol & Supp Ops
DianeDaySO CARLI -- University Administration
ToddPavlikSO CARLI -- University Administration
SarahZehrSO Exec VP & VP Academic Affairs -- University Administration
ReneDunnamSO Instit of Govt & Pub Affs -- University Administration
AnnaBuiSO OTM Chicago
TamiraDavisSO OTM Chicago
TamiraDavisSO OTM Chicago
SvetlanaKurilovaSO OTM Chicago
SvetlanaKurilovaSO OTM Chicago
KimWrightSO OTM Chicago
TinaAnstromSO OTM Urbana-Champaign
PaolaHerradaSO OTM Urbana-Champaign
HeatherJonesSO OTM Urbana-Champaign
NicoleNairSO OTM Urbana-Champaign
NicholeJacksonSO Risk Management -- University Administration
MichaelHallihanSO Secr Ofc/Board of Trustees
AndrewGretaSO SHIELD Deployment Unit
AaronCarterSO State University Procurement -- University Administration
GrahamLaMontagneSO State University Procurement -- University Administration
KayciPuckettSO State University Procurement -- University Administration
StephenBurgenerSO System Human Resource Services
DeniseSwensonSO System Human Resource Services
StevenCampSO U of I Foundation
AmandaAkersSO UI Alumni Alliance
WendyPetruzzelloSO UI Alumni Alliance
AndreaTurnerSO UI Alumni Alliance
KimloanCoventrySO Univ Acct & Fin Report -- University Administration
ReginaHardenSO Univ Acct & Fin Report -- University Administration
ChristopherLehmanSO Univ Ofc Planning & Budgeting -- University Administration
LisaPowerSO University Counsel
TeresaTemplesSO University Counsel
JamesMartinieSO University Payables -- University Administration
AmandaSchlieperSO University Payables -- University Administration
DarrenStraterSO University Payables -- University Administration
BrentTiedemannSO University Payables -- University Administration
VincentWileySO University Payables -- University Administration
ChristopherZimmermanSO University Payables -- University Administration
ZacharyBeckerSO University Payroll & Benefits
LawrenceHanyzewskiSO University Payroll & Benefits
LawrenceHanyzewskiSO University Payroll & Benefits
jianbail@uic.edujianbail@uic.eduSO University Payroll & Benefits
AndreaLasticlySO University Payroll & Benefits
AndreaLasticlySO University Payroll & Benefits
JenniferMcDowellSO University Payroll & Benefits
ErikRomeroSO University Payroll & Benefits
SusanStricklerSO University Payroll & Benefits
MarciTempelSO University Payroll & Benefits
ElizabethYoungSO University Payroll & Benefits
AngelaBurtonSO University Press
AliceEnnisSO University Press
LaurieMathesonSO University Press
MichaelRouxSO University Press
AvijitGhoshSO VP Chief Financial Officer
KarenGreenwaltSO VP Chief Financial Officer
JillOdomSO VP Chief Financial Officer

CynthiaHerrera LindstromUIC Academic Computing & Comm Ctr
BryanMainvilleUIC Academic Computing & Comm Ctr
stevenvp@uic.edustevenvp@uic.eduUIC Academic Computing & Comm Ctr
EdwardZawackiUIC Academic Computing & Comm Ctr
GillianCoombsUIC Administration
jwhis@uic.edujwhis@uic.eduUIC Administration & Finance
MonicaAckermanUIC Administration & Gen Exp
LisaMearUIC Administration & Gen Exp
JuanitaMiltonUIC Administration & Gen Exp
AndreaOlveraUIC Administration & Gen Exp
UmaSriramUIC Administration & Gen Exp
DavidChabalaUIC Administration Services
jvosburg@uic.edujvosburg@uic.eduUIC Administration Services
JeromeMoneganUIC Administration Services
AndrewMosioUIC Administration Services
CesarAlvaradoUIC Anatomy and Cell Biology
ArchanaKapatralUIC Anatomy and Cell Biology
LeaSmuckerUIC Anatomy and Cell Biology
MicheleLazzaraUIC Anesthesiology
KathleenRizzoUIC Anthropology
MaryUrbinaUIC Biologic Resources Laboratory
RachelPoretskyUIC Biological Sciences
DianneColemanUIC Business Administration Admini
AlmaHernandezUIC Business Administration Admini
WandaPerryUIC Campus Parking
SarfrazMalikUIC CAS Administration
DianaBolanos-MarchanUIC CBA - Undergraduate Programs
AngelaPrazzaUIC CBA - Undergraduate Programs
MonicaCarneyUIC Coll Pharmacy Ofc of the Dean
LauraOakleyUIC Commty Outreach Intervent Proj
DianeGilbertUIC Communication
VanessaValenzuelaUIC Community Health Sciences
PhilipBeltranUIC Computer Science
JohnDillenburgUIC Computer Science
DanaPlepysUIC Computer Science
AginahMuhammadUIC Council on Teacher Education
00UIC Dentistry Administration
AngelicaAlvarezUIC Dentistry Administration
DavidAvenettiUIC Dentistry Administration
MatthewBrownUIC Dentistry Administration
IrmaButlerUIC Dentistry Administration
StephanieClarkeUIC Dentistry Administration
GriselGutierrezUIC Dentistry Administration
RandHarlowUIC Dentistry Administration
VeronicaHaywoodUIC Dentistry Administration
EdwardKarateewUIC Dentistry Administration
MariaLimonUIC Dentistry Administration
BlancaLunaUIC Dentistry Administration
JeanO'FinnUIC Dentistry Administration
AnnaPanovaUIC Dentistry Administration
RachelPatelUIC Dentistry Administration
DanielaRiveraUIC Dentistry Administration
MichaelSchmermanUIC Dentistry Administration
ColleenScrollUIC Dentistry Administration
TimothySullivanUIC Dentistry Administration
VinaySurpuriyaUIC Dentistry Administration
JeanetteAgustinUIC Dermatology
WilliamBarrettUIC Disability & Human Development
BeverlyWellingtonUIC Disability & Human Development
TimBucciUIC Div of Specializ Care for Chil
JoeDayUIC Div of Specializ Care for Chil
GregoryJohnsonUIC Div of Specializ Care for Chil
DwightLoweryUIC Div of Specializ Care for Chil
GregoryMayesUIC Div of Specializ Care for Chil
AndrewNicholsUIC Div of Specializ Care for Chil
EliseSheltonUIC Div of Specializ Care for Chil
DavidThomasUIC Div of Specializ Care for Chil
RheaBegemanUIC Emergency Medicine
jjubas2@uic.edujjubas2@uic.eduUIC Emergency Medicine
KimberlyTaylorUIC Emergency Medicine
SuLiuUIC English
KatherineSimonUIC English
DanAlbertUIC Epidemiology and Biostatistics
KimberlyBarbaUIC Extended Campus Admin
JessicaEisenbeisUIC Extended Campus Admin
JoanOyamaUIC Extended Campus Admin
JanetteSalamanca MaldonadoUIC Extended Campus Admin
MargotWoskoUIC Extended Campus Admin
HayleyEvansUIC Family Medicine
ShannonRedenUIC Graduate Admin
BarbaraGottesmanUIC Health Policy & Administration
AnitaBontuUIC Health Systems Science
YolandaRodriguezUIC Honors College
TomokoKawanakaUIC Innovation Center
PeterPfannerUIC Innovation Center
MirjanaAntonicUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
NaomiAshleyUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
JohnBrachUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
MariaCaceresUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
RachaelD'AgostinoUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
AndrewDemottUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
KarenEinUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
SharonFeldmanUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
MeghanFortuneUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
RubiaMagallanesUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
LouiseMartinezUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
AnnaSandovalUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
ErikaSiuUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
AmySporerUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
AmberUskaliUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
JoseVilchisUIC Inst for Hlth Research&Policy
LindaVavraUIC Institute for the Humanities
ErynCookUIC Intercollegiate Athletics
PhilipGaulUIC Intercollegiate Athletics
JamesHammerschmidtUIC International Services
MartinMcDermottUIC Jane Addams Social Work
ThereseMolinaUIC Jane Addams Social Work
DanielWesleyUIC JMLS
BethAllenUIC LAS Administration
RichardAlpernUIC LAS Administration
AgnesHergetUIC LAS Administration
MontaneeWongchinsriUIC LAS Administration
LizanellBenitezUIC LAS Student Affairs
AraceliRodriguezUIC LAS Student Affairs
BrianRoesslerUIC LAS Student Affairs
AndrewKrzakUIC Learning Sciences Res Inst
DeborahStarksUIC Learning Sciences Res Inst
JenniferBordyUIC Library
JessieDuranUIC Library
MozhdehKhodarahmiUIC Library
JenniferSonnenbergUIC Library
AlmaSiasUIC Literature, Cult & Ling Admin
MarkittaRogersUIC Managerial Studies
AshleySefcikUIC Managerial Studies
SendiTorresUIC Managerial Studies
JaphaniaVejendlaUIC Managerial Studies
AlanWilmingtonUIC Mechanical & Industrial Engr
JonathanMeyerUIC Medical Education
JoseCordoba-ChaconUIC Medicine
JustineKesslerUIC Medicine
RobertoRiosUIC Medicine
CandiceAndersonUIC Mile Square Health Center
AvisFosterUIC Neurological Surgery
JeffreyJopesUIC Neurological Surgery
PaulCliffordUIC Nursing
EricMcminowayUIC Nursing Administration
AnkitPatelUIC Obstetrics & Gynecology
LiZhangUIC Obstetrics & Gynecology
MaryBertaUIC Occupational Therapy
JimAlboviasUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
PhillipBeverlyUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
ErinBradyUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
KevinBrowneUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
AreliCastanedaUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
ShannonDwyerUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
MariaGarciaUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
MichelleGarciaUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
KristyKambanisUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
MikeKamowskiUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
AmyKnetlUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
NatalieKokorudzUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
MalindaLorkovichUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
DariusNewsomeUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
SoniaRinconUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
OscarRodriguezUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
ChristopherSayreUIC Ofc of Student Systems Svcs
SarahTapperUIC Ofc of the Chancellor
PatrickCooganUIC Ofc Vice Chancellor Innovation
ElizabethDooleyUIC Office of VC for Advancement
PatchareeWongchinsriUIC Office of VC for Advancement
Lisa JoGrabenUIC Ophthalmology & Visual Sci
RobertUptainUIC Ophthalmology & Visual Sci
JonathanBodeUIC Orthopaedic Surgery
GlennKrolUIC Otolaryngology
MilicaNedeljkovicUIC Otolaryngology
PreyalPatelUIC Pathology
PiyushHargunaniUIC Pediatrics
CraigConradUIC Pharmacy Practice
ToddLeeUIC Pharmacy Practice
AndrewBatteigerUIC Psychiatry
JhinChohUIC Psychology
JeremiahCooperUIC Purchasing -- Chicago Campus
AaronRosenthalUIC Purchasing -- Chicago Campus
KristinAndersonUIC Radiology
areid5@UIC.EDUareid5@UIC.EDUUIC Radiology
ViviCaoUIC Radiology
KamileKarpyteUIC Radiology
CalvinLiangUIC Radiology
RachelMarksUIC Radiology
CraigNiederbergerUIC Radiology
PragvanshPatelUIC Radiology
EjazShamimUIC Radiology
NamrataSoniUIC Radiology
KunalVoraUIC Radiology
VaivaLiakaiteUIC Research Resources Center
MichaelCarrUIC Research Services
LukaszZientaraUIC Richard and Loan Hill Department of Bioengineering-College of Engineering
MoniqueAllenUIC School of Public Health Admin
SusanLynchUIC School of Public Health Admin
KimberlyMayfieldUIC School of Public Health Admin
ValeriePrudikUIC School of Public Health Admin
ValenciaStifficUIC Student Aff-Counseling Sv
SabahBasrawiUIC UI CC Administration
smith302@uic.edusmith302@uic.eduUIC UI CC Administration
LaurenTalasnikUIC UI CC Clinical Trials Office
DanyelleEdwardsUIC University Library
KathleenEngstromUIC Urban Planning &Public Affairs
AimeeMcConnellUIC Urology
BarbaraRocheUIC V Pro Acad and Enroll Svcs Admin
LindaMartinUIC VC for Health Affairs
MargaretMoserUIC VC for Health Affairs
MiguelMartinUIC Vice Chancellor for Research
BhavinPatelUIC Vice Chancellor for Research
RonPuskaritsUIC Vice Chancellor for Research

ReneeClausnerUIS Business & Management Admin
ErinHartnettUIS Business & Management Admin
VernonHuberUIS Information Technology Svcs
KaraMcElwrathUIS Information Technology Svcs
LeighVolpertUIS Univ Ethics & Compliance Ofc -- University Administration
AudreyBellotUIS VC Academic Affairs
MonicaKroftUIS VC Academic Affairs
JillMenezesUIS VC Academic Affairs
BrianMooreUIS VC Academic Affairs
StevenMooreUIS VC Academic Affairs
RhyannMorrisUIS VC Academic Affairs
BarbaraPeschUIS VC Academic Affairs
CodyPopeUIS VC Academic Affairs
AaronStewartUIS VC Academic Affairs
NicholTimmsUIS VC Academic Affairs
KellyWalravenUIS VC Academic Affairs

JessicaMetteUIUC Academic Human Resources
JacobAnoUIUC ACES Info Tech & Cmc Svcs
KyleBoshardyUIUC ACES Info Tech & Cmc Svcs
DavidGersteneckerUIUC ACES Info Tech & Cmc Svcs
JoshuaHenryUIUC ACES Info Tech & Cmc Svcs
ChadJohnstonUIUC ACES Info Tech & Cmc Svcs
DonaldMeyerUIUC ACES Info Tech & Cmc Svcs
DanielBreenUIUC Agr & Consumer Economics
JohnFoxUIUC Agr & Consumer Economics
DonnaStitesUIUC Agr & Consumer Economics
MelissaWarmbierUIUC Agr & Consumer Economics
PiyadaHillUIUC Air Force Aerospace Studies
AaronDavisUIUC Applied Health Sciences Admin
MarkJosephUIUC Applied Health Sciences Admin
GaryKambicUIUC Applied Health Sciences Admin
TylerSassineUIUC Applied Health Sciences Admin
BrianJohnsonUIUC Beckman Institute
CandacePummillUIUC Beckman Institute
KelliWendtUIUC Beckman Institute
JeffreyObergUIUC Big Ten Academic Alliance
RhondaLipkingUIUC Biotechnology Center
DerekBrilesUIUC Business Sol & Supp Ops -- University Administration
ErikOlsonUIUC Business Sol & Supp Ops -- University Administration
JasonButlerUIUC Cancer Center at Illinois
CharisseColemanUIUC Carle IL COM Administration
HeidiHardenbrookUIUC Carle IL COM Administration
LaShaeHughes-McCrayUIUC Carle IL COM Administration
TodJebeUIUC Carle IL COM Administration
MeredithMinehartUIUC Carle IL COM Administration
KarenBlazekUIUC Center Advising & Acad Svcs
TheresaKincaidUIUC Center Advising & Acad Svcs
DanielTurnerUIUC Center Advising & Acad Svcs
AmieLoydUIUC Center Innov in Teach Learn
KristiAndersonUIUC Civil & Environmental Eng
AntoniosAugoustakisUIUC Classics
KathrynClarkUIUC College of Media Admin
JaneDowlerUIUC College of Media Admin
KendraLindseyUIUC College of Media Admin
DanielOgwalUIUC College of Media Admin
MeghanSmithUIUC College of Media Admin
AdrienneHarrisUIUC Communication
JuanmahelDavilaUIUC Comparative Biosciences
LoriMagsamenUIUC Cooperative Extension
AnaVazquezUIUC Cooperative Extension
WilliamWoessnerUIUC Cooperative Extension
EmilyBarnumUIUC Counseling Center
AaronFreiUIUC Counseling Center
KamauGranthamUIUC Counseling Center
MariaGuzmanUIUC Counseling Center
IanLeSueurUIUC Counseling Center
PatriciaRickettsUIUC Counseling Center
GregoryParksUIUC Crop Sciences
CynthiaMaskoUIUC Dance
AmyEdwardsUIUC Div of Management Information
CynthiaDeanUIUC Division of Campus Recreation
RobertTierneyUIUC E. Asian Languages & Cultures
RuthBrownUIUC Educ Policy, Orgzn & Leadrshp
SergioCorreaUIUC Education Administration
MichaelPainterUIUC Education Administration
JamesHutchinsonUIUC Electrical & Computer Eng
CharlesNeissUIUC Engr Shared Admin Services
AndrewBorstUIUC Enrollment Mgmt Shared Svcs
JimEckerUIUC Enrollment Mgmt Shared Svcs
DanielMannUIUC Enrollment Mgmt Shared Svcs
ThomasSkotteneUIUC Enrollment Mgmt Shared Svcs
RogerWestUIUC EnterpriseWorks
BarbaraJanunas-LeisnerUIUC Facilities and Services
BuulinhQuachUIUC Facilities and Services
EricSmithUIUC Facilities and Services
BradleeTrankinaUIUC Facilities and Services
RussellWinterbottomUIUC Facilities and Services
PaulRedmanUIUC Fine & Applied Arts Admin
LeslieAlexanderUIUC Food Science & Human Nutrition
MarcusKellerUIUC French and Italian
StephanieHilgerUIUC Germanic Languages & Lit
KimCoxUIUC Gies College of Business
RogerOwensUIUC Gies College of Business
JayYoungUIUC Gies College of Business
ElainaMullinsUIUC Graduate Admin
CatherineOcenUIUC Graduate Admin
MegSiebenharUIUC Graduate Admin
ElizabethSparkUIUC Graduate Admin
StephenTondiniUIUC Housing Division
EvanReaUIUC IL State Water Survey
Min-ahaBeeckUIUC Illini Center
JohnBillermanUIUC Illini Union
GlendaSwansonUIUC Illini Union
KatrinaChesterUIUC Illinois Global Institute
KelliWiesener ManningUIUC Illinois Global Institute
CherylHahnUIUC Illinois Human Resources
DebraMallochUIUC Illinois Human Resources
RobertaWynneUIUC Illinois Human Resources
KarinReadelUIUC Illinois Informatics Institute
SammerJonesUIUC Illinois International
JillOuelletteUIUC Illinois International
JenniferAndersonUIUC Information Sciences
CarlaDickeyUIUC Institute for Genomic Biology
BrandiHedrickUIUC Intercollegiate Athletics
LetaSummersUIUC Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute
GregoryAndersonUIUC Krannert Center
CynthiaHowardUIUC Krannert Center
WilliamKephartUIUC Krannert Center
AngelaGrahamUIUC LAS Administration
CarolHartmanUIUC LAS Administration
KelseyMarshUIUC LAS Administration
GretchenPein BalounUIUC LAS Administration
LeslieVermillionUIUC LAS Administration
TylerHunterUIUC Law
JamesCagleUIUC Library
SkyeArseneauUIUC Library Admin
Hye SukYoonUIUC Linguistics
KristopherWilliamsUIUC Materials Research Lab
JohnAbelsonUIUC Materials Science & Engineerng
KimberlyJohnsonUIUC Music
KellySullanUIUC Natural Res & Env Sci
StuartTurnerUIUC Natural Res & Env Sci
JenniferKresinUIUC Ofc VC Inst Advancement
MeganPuzeyUIUC Office of Corporate Relations
RhondaKisslingUIUC Office of Dean of Students
JulieShafferUIUC Office of Dean of Students
AlejandroSuneUIUC Office of Dean of Students
LauraBleakneyUIUC Office of the Chancellor
JulieWielandUIUC Office of the Chancellor
LauraWilliamsUIUC Office of the Chancellor
ShareeRobinsonUIUC OVCRI Admin
EvanSimpsonUIUC OVCRI Admin
JenniferJorstadUIUC Physics
CathyBialeschkiUIUC Prairie Research Institute
AmyDillmanUIUC Prairie Research Institute
JulieDyarUIUC Prairie Research Institute
JonathanFreimanUIUC Prairie Research Institute
AmberHallUIUC Prairie Research Institute
MonaKnightUIUC Prairie Research Institute
AndreaNationUIUC Prairie Research Institute
DavidPerrynUIUC Prairie Research Institute
LoriWalston-VonderharrUIUC Prairie Research Institute
MeganWeeksUIUC Prairie Research Institute
SarahWellsUIUC Prairie Research Institute
PaulChappellUIUC Psychology
VictoriaHuartUIUC Psychology
CoryHoltUIUC Public Affairs
PamelaSteeleUIUC Public Affairs
JonathanEbelUIUC Religion
PhiavanhSengsavanhUIUC Sch Earth, Soc, Environ Admin
Luisa-ElenaDelgadoUIUC Sch Lit, Cultures, Ling Adm
JoyFullerUIUC Sch Lit, Cultures, Ling Adm
RobertRushingUIUC Sch Lit, Cultures, Ling Adm
EleonoraStoppinoUIUC Sch Lit, Cultures, Ling Adm
AngelikiTzanetouUIUC Sch Lit, Cultures, Ling Adm
JennyCoxUIUC School of Chemical Sciences
JenniferDalyUIUC School of Chemical Sciences
MarySmithUIUC School of Chemical Sciences
WyattMartinUIUC School of Labor & Empl. Rel.
NancyBerkmanUIUC School of Molecular & Cell Bio
DebraLebaughUIUC School of Molecular & Cell Bio
LauraMartinUIUC School of Molecular & Cell Bio
JulieMooreUIUC School of Molecular & Cell Bio
SatishNairUIUC School of Molecular & Cell Bio
SupriyaPrasanthUIUC School of Molecular & Cell Bio
JamesSlauchUIUC School of Molecular & Cell Bio
ShawnaSmithUIUC School of Molecular & Cell Bio
WendyHarrisUIUC School of Social Work
DeborahRichardsonUIUC School of Social Work
ValeriaSobolUIUC Slavic Languages & Literature
MariselleMelendezUIUC Spanish and Portuguese
JoyceTolliverUIUC Spanish and Portuguese
DeborahFuossUIUC Special Education
BryanBachmanUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
KatherineBatemanUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
RobinBeachUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
ConnorDalzellUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
PeterElliottUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
MatthewFeelyUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
StephanieFellmannUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
FranciscoGarciaUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
SarahHasibUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
MadelineJacksonUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
GJohnsonUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
HelenaJorgeUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
JeraldKimbleUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
SusanneKleinUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
FrankMaddenUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
KimberleyMatherlyUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
JuliaMcCabeUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
BrianRogersUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
BeverlyRolandUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
JessicaSteenbergenUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
FrancisThomasUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
RyanTipswordUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
KathleenVeachUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
StephenYoungUIUC Sponsored Programs Admin
JessicaBengtsonUIUC Student Affairs Technology
SteveBengtsonUIUC Student Affairs Technology
JerryEllisUIUC Student Affairs Technology
CarlaMcCowanUIUC Student Affairs Technology
AngeloRamosUIUC Student Affairs Technology
PhilipStiebnerUIUC Student Affairs Technology
ChristopherThompsonUIUC Student Affairs Technology
MarkStinsonUIUC Student Success and Engagement
DebraGreerUIUC Supercomputing Applications
KristinRyderUIUC Supercomputing Applications
JanetSmithUIUC Supercomputing Applications
TerriKlinkerUIUC Technology Services
JasonMcArthurUIUC Technology Services
CathyFeelyUIUC Theatre
JenniferSelkUIUC Treasury Operations -- University Administration
KarenMcFarlinUIUC University Bursar -- University Administration
JoshuaWilliamsUIUC VC Student Affairs
AllisonArtisUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
MonicaCastro-GallegosUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
PeterConstableUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
AprilEdwardsUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
RichardFredricksonUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
DennisFrenchUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
KarenNicholsUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
UweRudolphUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
DrewSullivanUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
JamesWadeUIUC Vet Medicine Administration
DanielLewartUIUC Veterinary Teaching Hospital

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