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UAFR - Journal Voucher Processing

Journal Voucher Processing 1, 2 and 3.

This course is a three-part series. You will need to enroll in each session below. Scroll down to see a list of resources.

Session one:

This session explains the information needed to prepare a journal voucher. You will use Banner and other resources to gather this information. This session also covers the following:

  1. Why Process a Journal Voucher
  2. Gathering information and verifying the details
    1. CFOAP
    2. Rule Codes
    3. FOATEXT
    4. Original document details

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Session two:

In this session you will use the Banner 9 Playground to practice processing several journal vouchers. You will learn how to:

  1. Select the journal voucher page
  2. Use short cuts and copy functions
  3. Modify incomplete journal vouchers
  4. Verify journal voucher status

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Session three:

In this session you will use the Banner 9 Playground to practice viewing the status of journal vouchers and confirm the journal voucher achieved the desired goal. We will review the Department and Banner Approval Process and how to:

  • Manage Incomplete Journal Vouchers
  • Manage Posted Journal Vouchers
  • Verify Journal Voucher’s FOAP Impact

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