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System HR - UIC Instructions for Submitting a Proposal for Re-Employment of a SURS Employer Retiree

UIC Instructions for Submitting a Proposal for Re-Employment of a SURS Employer Retiree

The “Return to Work” legislation (Public Act 97-0968; HB4996), as summarized in the in following link B&LegId=64923&SessionID=84, is requiring changes to the information necessary for reviewing and approving retirees rehired to work at the University of Illinois.

This legislation outlines work limitations and the financial impact to the employer regarding the re-employment of a SURS Retiree. Employing units assume all responsibilities and costs for the re-employment of a SURS Retiree.

Requests will be submitted using the “Proposal for Re-Employment of a SURS Employer Retiree” form located at this link - accompanied by a completed and signed “Statement of SURS Annuity Status” form, and position- specific documentation as indicated below. Transactions to hire or reappoint SURS Employer Retires must have an approved “Proposal for Re-Employment of a SURS Employer Retiree” and “Statement of SURS Annuity Status” attached to the HRFE transaction in order to be applied.

All appointments or reappointments of SURS Employer Retirees will require PRIOR APPROVAL by the designated campus authority. Some will also require PRIOR APPROVAL of the Board of Trustees.

The following categories of employment of SURS retiree candidates requiring ONLY Campus authority approval and reporting to the Board include:

  • Retired faculty re-employed to teach courses or advise students and perform other related services on a part-time occasional basis
  • Retired faculty or staff re-employed to conduct research on appointments funded by grants and contracts
  • Retired clinical faculty or other clinical professionals re-employed to provide patient care on a part- time or occasional basis
  • Retirees re-employed in an hourly academic/research/faculty/clinical capacity
  • Retirees re-employed as seasonal, hourly or extra help employee on a temporary basis
  • Retired employee being hired into status Civil Service position
  • Retirees employed who are appointed on a temporary basis other than above to perform staff functions when other options are not feasible; Explanation required.

If the proposed appointment falls into one of these above categories, complete all sections of the Proposal as described on the form, attach a signed “Statement of SURS Annuity Status” and any supportive documentation and submit to the appropriate reviewer:

Academic Professional and Civil Service including Extra Help submit documents to: REHIREDRETIREE@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU

  • Academic Professional: Joanna Wolek, 312-355-5524 or Jack McEnery, 312-996-3581
  • Civil Service including Extra Help: Shannon McGinnis 312-996-8514

These contacts can also answer questions about completing the form if you need assistance.

If approved, attach “Proposal for Re-Employment of a SURS Employer Retiree” and “Statement of SURS Annuity Status” to the HRFE Transaction to re-employ or reappoint the individual, along with any related documentation otherwise associated with the transaction. The Board will be notified of these appointments in writing near the time of each regular Board meeting, and such appointments will have specified end dates, except permanent Civil Service positions.

Employment of SURS annuitants beyond the circumstances noted above, even of SURS retiree candidates selected for University jobs at competitive salaries through open and competitive search processes, will require BOTH campus level review and approval (as completed and submitted for review above) AND prior approval by the Board of Trustees via an agenda item titled: “Policy on Employment of University of Illinois Retirees and Employment of Other State Universities Retirement System Annuitants.”

Before submitting a Proposal for Re-Employment of a SURS Employer Retiree, please review the limitations, responsibilities, costs and penalties associated with re-employing a SURS annuitant. All costs and penalties are the responsibility of the employing unit.

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