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New for Fall 2023

Summer Classroom Upgrades

There are several classrooms that have been upgraded over the summer. Some additional classrooms now include lecture recording capabilities.

  • AV upgrades
    • ECEB 2013, 2015, 3013, 3015
    • Transportation Building 101, 103, 112, 114
    • EH 106B1, 106B8
    • Ceramics 218
  • Added recording capabilities
    • Engineering Hall 106B3,106B6
    • Campus Instructional Facility 2035, 3031, 3039

Instructional Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen is a flexible and cutting-edge classroom designed to provide instructors with a dedicated space to experiment with innovative technologies and instructional strategies. This classroom located in 1265 Digital Computer Lab provides a dedicated space where you can schedule time to experiment with teaching technologies that are not yet available in your classroom.

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Technology in Your Classroom

Request a Classroom Recording

Engineering IT can schedule your automated recording to the entire semester.This includes creating the automated schedule in Mediaspace, the Mediaspace Channel for your course, and roster access for your enrolled students to access the recordings.

Request Classroom Training

Engineering IT is available to train you on the technology in your classroom. 

Organize Your Course in Canvas

More Resources, Guides, & Recommended Tools

For Your Students

Recommended technology for students that prepares them for a variety instruction scenarios.

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