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FormBuilder - Form Owners

This document includes a list of responsibilities and other relevant information for form owners.

All forms must have a department-level form owner that facilitates the running of the form once it is made and published.

The form owner is responsible for the following elements of the form process:

    • Reviewing automated emails
      1. To view active automated emails within a form, go to the dashboard and select View/Edit Routing Triggers under Quick Links.
      2. Find the Action column. Routing triggers that have been configured to send automated emails will include "Send email..." in the Action column.
      3. To review the contents of an email, select Edit and scroll down to Routing Actions. Find the appropriate action and select Edit again.
  • Provide instruction to unit members on form process and best practice for filling out form

  • Fielding questions from unit members about the form (not bugs with the FormBuilder app)

  • Running reports out of the app

A well made form that doesn't necessitate process changes, should require 10-20 minutes time for getting up and running each term. ATLAS can train the form owner to perform all of these basic tasks as well as answer questions along the way.

The form owner does not need to be a technical person to perform their tasks (in fact, very few form owners are technical people). It is recommended for the sake of continuity that a full time employee of the department is assigned this duty -- though this is simply a best practice recommendation for the department and not a rule that ATLAS has in place.

If the form owner leaves the department, it will be the responsibility of the department to fill that role at the department level before ATLAS will perform updates of any kind on the form.

All FormBuilder-related tickets can be directed to

For more instructional documentation on FormBuilder, please check out the FormBuilder - Homepage.

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