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VTH Weekly Updates

Posted: 21:23:18, Monday, Jan 30, 2023   Expiration: 21:23:18, Monday, Feb 6, 2023  

Week of 1/27/23

Purina Kitchen:

Please be mindful that the food in the Purina kitchen is for hospitalized patients only. You may send a small amount as a sample(2-3 cans or a baggie) home with a client but anything more than a couple of cans would require a prescription. Additionally, this food is not for personal use. When utilizing the Kitchen, please keep the room clean and organized. Open and/or empty cans of food should not be left of the counter. Items that are not pet food branded such as baby food and chicken should never go home with a client. Please instruct the owner to purchase those items at the grocery store.  Thank you for helping to maintain this great resource for all to use.


Medication Dispensary:

Gabapentin: There is now 300 mg gabapentin available as unit dose in the LAC Cubex machine with quantities sufficient for large animal patients.


Formalin: Med Dispensary staff will no longer be diluting formalin. Services can now purchase diluted formalin directly from the storeroom.


As a reminder that medication backorders can now be found via the SANDI RX doctor and Pharmacy worklists.


SAC Exam Room Hallway:

If you are not utilizing the exam rooms or visiting the front desk, please utilize the hallway between the back of the exam rooms and the surgical spaces.  The exam room hallway is quite busy and when crowded it makes it challenging to navigate with patients and their owners.



Thank you and Happy Friday.

Assistant Hospital Director

-- UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital: Tina Olszewski

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