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Instinct (Electronic Treatment Sheets)

@ The University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital 

SOP: VTH Process to Register, Check-in, and Check-out Patients in Instinct

Instinct FAQ'S

How do I download Instinct onto my personal device? 

Accessing Instinct Treatment Plan from a Non-University Personal Computer

  1. Use the same method as other Vet Med Remote Access apps, instructions here:
  2. For MacOS users, be sure to follow the Apple macOS Setup Instructions before you download the RDP file from the downloads table. 
  3. A VPN is not required.  
  4. For all users, we recommend you download the RDP file to your desktop to use as a shortcut in the future. 
  5. The first time you log into Instinct you will see "Instinct needs to authenticate your practice".  Select Start Auto Log In (image below).
  6. Enter your PIN and start using the application.

                       Instinct Log on

How do I log on to Instinct? 

A randomized 6-digit code (PIN: case-sensitive, letters, and numbers) was created for each user to log into Instinct.

How do I access my PIN?

The below link will connect you to a page to login with your NetID and password. Upon logging in, you will be directed to a page with your individualized PIN.  This 6-digit code (PIN) will enable you to log into Instinct anywhere, anytime.

Should you forget your pin, you can access it anytime with this link:

Submit Instinct Suggestions

Submit Instinct Suggestions here: or use the QR code: 


Instinct Training Videos 

Instinct Treatment Sheets: Staff Training Video Sessions 

(Note: all videos are similar, but there is special attention to the 1.29.2024 session) 

Instinct Tips 2/25/24

Instinct Tips 2.25.24

Please reach out with questions/concerns! Thanks for your continued patience during this time of transition!

Lisa Bazzle, DVM, DACVECC 

Instinct Web pages

Weekly Instinct Update - 2/9/2024

Thank you everyone for your patience, flexibility, and excitement during Instinct Launch!! 

As we continue this transition, I will be sending ONE (and only one) Instinct email per week. 

By Popular Demand…New Updates (inspired by YOU) to make this truly ‘instinctive’ to Illinois. Thanks for the feedback – keep it coming!

New Patient Alerts!!

  • IVC – Replace if Needed
  • IVC – Do Not Replace
  • IVC – Call Primary First
  • Patient in Procedure
  • No Students on Rotation

Contact Notes

  • Clinicians AND students : Please update contact information (name/phone #) in Notes and Belongings Box
    Instinct_Contact Notes

Patient’s Cage Location

  • Include the cage number of the patient as the first item listed in the Problem List box
    Instinct_Patient Cage location

IV Fluid Rates and CRIs

  • Include 'mLs/kg/day' in the order notes for all IV Fluids (a mandatory treatment note has been created as a reminder)
  • Include 'mLs/hour' in the order notes for all CRIs (a mandatory treatment note has been created as a reminder)
  • To change the rate of IV Fluids or a CRI, order 'Change IV Fluids' and 'Change CRI' and type the new rate in the treatment note 

Catheter Care

  • Include Date Placed and Gauge in treatment note associated with 'Daily catheter maintenance, rewrap'

New Product Groups (i.e. treatment templates)

  • IMC starter group – for ANY IMC/ISO patient
  • ICU starter group – for ANY ICU patient
  • Telemetry group – for set up and daily monitoring
  • Transfusion group – for all blood products
  • Neuro OP Cytosar
  • multiple Surgery treatment templates...Thank you, Dr. Rivenburg!!


  • At the time of discharge, please remember to 'Check-out' the patient in Instinct, save the treatment sheet as a 'Detailed PDF' and upload/drag this file to the 'VTH Fax' folder on the desktop.  An SOP is coming soon!
  • Please include the specific food orders in the ‘Feed – Note food and appetite’ order (a mandatory treatment note has been created as a reminder)
  • 'Doctor to Perform Daily PE' and 'Doctor to Confirm Tx Sheet and Doses' are orders that need to be completed daily
  • Still need to download Instinct or retrieve your pin?
    1. Go to 
    2. Go to the KB-VTH Intranet --> Find the Instinct (Electronic Treatment Sheets) tab (6th link from the top) --> click on 'Instinct FAQ's' and scroll down to find ‘How do I download Instinct onto my personal device?’ and ‘How do I access my PIN?’

Need Help? Have a Suggestion??

Have a suggestion or running into a snag with instinct?  Chat support is available through Instinct 24/7 through the app/browser but click on the link below or scan the QR code if you'd like to request something or you notice something is off (like spelling, mg/mL, or other bugs!)


Until next week...


Weekly Instinct Update - 2/1/2024

Good afternoon,

As a reminder that the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) will be implementing a new electronic treatment system, Instinct, on Tuesday, February 6th. This change will apply to ALL hospitalized patients in Small Animal ICU and IMC and will replace the old Small Animal ICU flow sheets.  Instinct will NOT replace the requirement to complete the  Drug Administration Record (The Purple Sheet).  Please continue to document controlled substances used and obtain witness documentation as normal.

Instinct is now accessible on all hospital computers, both in the small and large animal hospitals. 

Everything you need to know about Instinct can be found on the Knowledge Base (KB):

Logging In:

Please access the KB for instructions on how to download Instinct onto your personal device AND how to access your personalized PIN (which will enable you to log into Instinct).

Instinct Training:

  1. Four recorded training sessions are now uploaded on the Knowledge Base (KB) and can be found here: Instinct Training Videos. All are relatively similar.
  2. Instinct representatives will be on-site next TUESDAY – THURSDAY (2/6 -2/8) and will have open-hours for additional group sessions (schedule TBD).
  3. For more directed questions, please visit This site has multiple short training videos to assist you as you start using Instinct. 

Please visit (and revisit) the KB for answers to FAQ regarding instinct!

As we strive for continuous growth and improvement in patient care, workflow, and communication, we understand that changes like these may raise uncertainties. We sincerely appreciate your patience and flexibility during this transition.

More to come, so please continue visiting the Instinct KB for ongoing updates!

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