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How to run a NOVA Test

Use the following instructions to run a NOVA test.
  1. IMPORTANT: Enter the charge in SANDI before you run the test on the Nova machine.
  2. Once the charge is entered a sticker will print to the NOVA printer containing the information needed to run the test.  This process also opens creates a lab result "placeholder" for the test results to upload upon completion. 
  3. Enter All info into the NOVA machine.  Accuracy is VITAL or the results will NOT upload to SANDI.  The following will need to be entered:
    • Medical Record (MR#) 
    • Last Name
    • Accession number which is the Visit Number
      • The accession number is very important because it links the results to the correct account when uploaded into SANDI.  If this number is not entered, the results will sit it a “queue” space until they are manually moved to the correct account.  
    • Ensure that the patient info you are entering is the correct info for your patient.  

Important: It is Vital that all info entered into the NOVA is accurate.  Once the test is run, the info cannot be altered.  For example, if the wrong last name was entered on your sample, it cannot be changed once complete.  

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