VTH Board Minutes 11/4/2021

Attendees: Scott Austin, Stephanie Camp, Alyssa Duncan, Tisha Harper, Ed Garrett, Ken Welle, Julia Whittington Drew Sullivan, Thomas Lowery (Absent: Stephanie Keating, Laura Garrett)

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Administrative Assistant – This search is open
  • Contract negotiations ongoing CVT, Vet Assistants, RX techs, etc. 
  • Locum coordination – M. Malloch has taken over this effort.
    • Imaging locums
    • STS
    • Ortho
  • Pathways Partnership – no progress


  • Proposed VTH Office move – College Administration would like to move the VTH Office to LAC and move IT to SAC. 
    Discussions are underway, no definitive plans.
  • SAIM renovation to be completed 12/31, move to occur first week of Jan.
  • SAC lobby renovation to start early January (5-6 month duration)
  • Purina Nutrition Resource Room – Cabinets will arrive in early February for installation. Dr. Lauren Stamp would like to host an open house at the time. New SAIM technician position would receive training on diets. Discussion RE CentreSquare App in future. Dr. Stamp would be conduit for contact with Purina RE possible faculty/resident support if VCM wishes to pursue.
  • Oncology Expansion project – currently in the phase where architect/design firms are being asked to submit proposals.
  • Question RE FARMS unloading project – JW to check


  • UCC – currently closed due to faculty absence, faculty expected to return 11/8, technician hired for service will be training with primary care and ER
  • Ophthalmology – Service will close 12/17, technicians reassigned, student rotation suspended, referral instructions will be posted. Questions: opportunity to have locum provide instruction, involvement of A. Labelle.
  • Shelter – Service for shelter partners suspended, rotation is being hosted at CCHS, mobile unit ready but stationed until faculty hire (search closes December). New info – CDL license needed to drive unit. Strategy meeting for program scheduled for 11/17.
  • IMC – combined with ICU until staff hiring/training more complete. Anticipated time for reopening 1/22. Identify technicians in some way.
  • Request for Pharmacy Staff – there was wide-spread support for expanding pharmacy hours. However, there is no budget resource to be applied in current FY to pay for additional staff. There is opportunity for service from resident position.
  • Service Contract Discussions – Equine Therio service and Zoo Ambulatory service are wanting to add major service commitment/contract. Discussions are being scheduled to evaluate proposals/resources.


  •  Holiday Schedule – Email sent out October 26 RE: holiday schedule
  • Technician Training/Recruitment – VTH Admin is working with CVT training programs in the state to determine opportunities to increase engagement. Exploring timing, programmatic contents, and housing options. Will need to develop contracts. Goal is to expose trainees to post-graduate hiring opportunities at CVM.
  • Lunch and Learn Series – The VTH will work to schedule lunch and learn opportunities. Next Nov. 18, noon, LAC 100 –speaker is Lisa Linke who is a stand-up comedian and improve actor. Topic will be ‘Difficult Client Communications’.

3:00 VTH Report Summary

  • Final Budget Update
  • Overview of current financial state with draft October summary Service Financial Updates

Service Financial Updates 

  • UCC Update (budget to actual) – revenue and case load were as budgeted. 
  • IMC/ICU proposed changes to hospitalization pricing – levels are being streamlined and pricing adjusted to match revenue with expenses.

I/R request 
Update/ Discussion

Anesthesia: 0 Interns (I), 2 Residents (R)
Cardio: 1 I, 1 R
Dentistry: Board discussion – 0 I, 0 R (Caseload is very low and Dr. Rao 
is in non-traditional R, needs access to training cases, no house officer 
approval in FY22)
Derm: 1 I, 1 R
ER/CC: 2 I, 0 R
Equine Medicine: 3 I, 1 R
Equine Surgery: 1 I, 0 R
Equine Primary: 1 I, 0 R
Equine Therio/FARMS: Board discussion – 1 I, 1 R (any other HO on 
research or grant $)
Imaging: Board Discussion – 1 I, 1 R (Residency will only be filled if 
sponsor program is identified)
Neuro: 1 I, 1 R
Med Onc: 1 I, 1 R
Rad Onc: 0 I, 1 R
Ophtho: Board Discussion – 0 I, 1 R (Residency will only be filled if 
sponsor program is identified)
Pharmacy: 0 I, 1 R
SAIM: 0 I, 1 R
SAS: 2 I or 2 R (depends on faculty numbers)
Shelter/PC: 2 I, 0 R (possible AY candidate in Jan.)
SA Rotating: 9 I
Zoo Med: 1 I, 1 R (Resident is IZAAR with Chicago partners)

Employee Boarding Program

  • Expansion of service space and on-going renovation has caused disruption in the space utilized by the Employee Boarding Program. Even prior to this, the particulars of the program were not being followed. There is general concern regarding disruptive pets being housed in and around service spaces.A survey of programs indicates that UMN, K-State, OSU, TN, TAMU, U of Guelph, UW, and WSU have boarding programs. Most of these charge for the option and have limited space. There are also strict criteria regarding who is eligible to utilize the program.
  • Discussion: There was consensus that the program at IL should continue. The policy will be evaluated and updated. Enrollment will be redefined. Program participants will be expected to regulate compliance of use. 

VTH Initiatives, Strategic Planning 

  • Strategic Growth Opportunities – Advancement is working to identify gift and funding sources. There needs to be some strategic planning to identify initiative priorities.

    More/new exam rooms
    Wellness program
    IT infrastructure
    Reinvestment into staff
    Dog daycare/Child daycare/gym
    Recruitment and retention of faculty
    Diversity and inclusion programs
    College Commons
    Pandemic Preparedness/Training in Zoonotic Diseases 
    Research funding
    PhD training
    Global partnership development
    Faculty/Staff Success and Development Office
    Clinical Trials Office/Wing
    Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic
    Large Animal Theriogenology Center
    One-Health Outreach and Education/WMC Outreach Center
    Technician Training and Recruitment

Service Issues

  • CAZAM – There is concern about the high caseload and staffing shortages in ECC. Discussed the possibility of an on-line check in with wait list for clients (think hair salon). Also will look into options for phone triage with vet student or medical staff member.
  • FARMS – Question regarding the FARMS unloading area project. JW to check.

Ad Hoc Member

  • Ad Hoc Member A call for nominations will be sent out. New member term starting in January 2022. Thank you Dr. Lowery for his service.

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