VTH Board Minutes 7/23/2020

Attendees: J. Whittington, D. Hague, S. Austin, K. Welle (for CAZAM), L. Garrett, D. French, S. Cessna, N. Lamphier (Absent: T. Lowery, S. Gutierrez, J. Lowe) (ZOOM MEETING)

Updates: Info Only

Personnel Updates

  • Searches – derm live, ophtho live, sa ortho soon live, ZCA instructor, pharmacy, ER instructor, anesthesia – tenure – all in progress
  • Charge auditor –search in progress
  • Vacancies – tech icu/tech zoo med, HIS help desk
  • Student workers – some services are continuing employees until school starts.
  • Student wages – Natalie is working to make wages uniform across services.
  • Reorg – Imaging has 2 new coordinators, Shelter Med is re-starting services.


  • Capital project update – Phase one projected to be completed in December, 2020
  • Dentistry – project is complete except for shelving
  • Ophtho – project to renovate new space is underway
  • LAC Ward Doors – 4 doors have been installed and are awaiting electronics
  • Lameness Arena – Building is completed and electricity will be installed soon along with lights and ceiling fans.
  • WMC Residence – to be completed soon
  • SAC Admissions – project is with university designers to come up with proposal
  • Bike racks, outdoor seating – bike racks should be delivered soon and old SAC lobby furniture will be repurposed for outdoor seating.


  • Client Services Reorg – Due to the large caseload and call volume, we are reassigning CSRs to service specific roles.
  • Expanded scope RDVM Coordinator – RDVM portal will be managed by M. Jaeger.
  • Purina Kitchen – There are a couple of proposed layouts for the new kitchen but we are working on an operational model.


  • COVID planning – Clinical year students to return August 3, will have policy for safety behavior in place
  • Jennifer Kinney will be generating back order list
  • Account tech 2 position for oversight of contracts/warranties in process of hiring

3:00 Budget Report Review & Strategic Priorities 

The VTH submitted its budget report for FY21 to the Dean and College Leadership. I received suggestions for the strategic initiatives from the following:


  • Improving front and back of the house communications (Vocera at Wisc or Curator at UPenn)
  • More inter service rounds and discussion about case transfers
  • Medical records improvements
  • Recruiting/ on boarding of new faculty
  • Shelter medicine/ defining scope and improving processes 


  • Wellbeing – who do you call (24 hours) when you become aware of or suspect a crime that may lead to self-harm (stealing dangerous substances) or otherwise concerned about 
    the safety of an individual? Are we doing everything that can possibly be done to keep us as safe as possible from Covid19 within the VTH? 
  • Personnel – keeping veterinary lines filled (Imaging)
  • Medical Records / communication / (Vetstar)
  • Cell phones / communication
  • Finances/recognition of effort/communication of accurate data and how is it utilized?


  • Expand on branding of VTH and search for donors to support new VTH areas (lameness area), south clinic, etc.

The following is what was submitted in the report to encompass the above ideas.


  • Develop VTH Strategic Plan
  • Develop donor support for VTH initiatives through the Grateful Client Program
  •  Establish collaborative oversight for College clinical service satellites
  • Identify funding support for the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Work with Shelter Medicine to define service work and scope


  • Develop Health Information System which incorporates pricing/charge capture/inventory management to allow for optimization of functionality and reporting
  • Reorganize client services to provide employee support and optimize customer service
  • Coordinate with VCM Department to fill faculty lines and optimize service productivity
  • Successfully complete Phase 1 of the SA Expansion Project
  • Address telecommunications deficits and implement solution

The VTH Strategic Budget Report (FY21) will be posted to the VTH Intranet – budget decisions will not be finalized until September.

HIS Update

  • The RDVM portal will be going live soon. We will have a couple of trial clinics use it to provide feedback. RDVMs will have access to all record information. Should allow reports to be shortened as all data will not need to be integrated into report.
  • New initiative – “Tableaux” – database viewing system to help view secondary revenue reporting.


  • The VTH has approved (pending budget approval) the purchase of a new NOVE machine. Equine – large animal uses the machine often. There is a need for consistent quality control of the machine and access to the machine after hours – only machine that runs blood gas. We will be exploring putting the new machine in a central location with oversite provided by Clin Path. Need to make sure it can run lactate and ionized calcium.

Policies Update

  • Discussion about COVID Safety Behavior Policy
  • Discussion about Professional Clothing Policy
  • Discussion about Professional Behavior Policy
  • Policies will be shared for review and approval

Service Updates

  • K. Welle – primary care and zoo med do have students but they take them as an elective.
  • A. Duncan – new affiliate students are coming in Sept. Also have a group that will come back August 3

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