Admission of free-living (wild) White-Tailed Deer Presented to the VTH

Purpose/ Applicability: Periodically, a wild white-tailed deer is presented to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) for injury or illness to be admitted to the Wildlife Medical Clinic. The following protocol is to be implemented in these instances. Scope: This applies to all free-living White-tailed deer presented to the VTH.


  1. If the deer is a fawn younger than 4 months of age as indicated by the presence of spotted haircoat AND body weight <20kg, then the deer is received through the VMSC admissions/SAC ER to be transferred to the Wildlife Medical Clinic for care and housing.
  2. If the deer is a subadult fawn (>20kg, fading or loss of spotted haircoat) or an adult, the deer is received through the LAC admissions/RAHMS service for euthanasia purposes only.
    1. LAC CSRs register the deer in the electronic medical record system.
      1. In SANDI
        1. Pull up the client account a. WMC: 174405
        2. Create a patient record:
          1. Species: Deer
        3. Register patient:
          1. Use custom registration screen: creg
          2. Choose the Wildlife Medical Clinic option: WMC
          3. Patient number should begin with WE
          4. Enter the reason for admission: ex. euthanasia, etc.
          5. Enter clinician information: RAHMS staff (house officer and/or faculty)
      2. A medical record must be completed by RAHMS staff indicating the cause for and method of euthanasia.
        1. Medical Records to notify WMC officer email list of these entries to ensure accurate reporting for WMC permit purposes.
      3. Euthanasia and disposal charges should be entered for the patient by RAHMS staff.
    2. If an infectious disease is suspected, the deer’s remains should be submitted to the VDL for necropsy and testing.
      1. Notify WMC faculty of the intent to submit.
      2. The RAHMS staff is responsible for completing the VDL submission form and placing the cadaver in the appropriate holding location.
      3. Submission should be coded under Dr. Sam Sander (Faculty code SS5).
    3. If infectious disease is not suspected, deer’s remains should be transported to the disposal cooler in BSB by RAHMS staff.
      1. SANDI code DX791 should be entered for this patient accordingly.
    4. All charges pertaining to the case will be entered into the electronic medical record to be paid for by the Wildlife Medical Clinic.

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Last Reviewed: 5/30/2023

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