VTH Board Minutes 9/27/2018

Attendees: Devon Hague, Alyssa Duncan, David Williams, Scott Austin, Julia Whittington, Tim Fan



  • Parkland Technician Program
  • Equipment Requests (Ophtho, equine surgery)
  • Shelter Medicine 
  • Primary Care
  • Animal Handling Policies
  • VTH Business Office
  • Asst Director / Director 
  • There is a meeting October 4th with the Dean of Health Professions at Parkland College to discuss the VTH partnership with their Vet Tech Training program.  Dr. French has also asked that we explore possible partnership regarding the Farrier School.

  • Ophtho requested consideration to purchase an operating microscope to replace one that is non-functional in LAC.  The cost ranges from $40-60K.  The service uses the scope on ~10 cases annually.  However, the number of horses that are seen will decrease without the ability to have a surgical option to consider.  The Ophtho faculty have been encouraged to grow their LA caseload.   ACTION ITEM: The board recommended that we speak with H. Phillips regarding the feasibility of using one of her operating scopes for the few cases that need it.  We will also explore leasing options.

  • Shelter Med Summary – please read the distributed document. 

  •  Primary Care – Dr. Fuchs is covering Primary Care until Oct. 4th, which will be his last day.  Dr. Vohling from A & E will be covering the remainder of Dr. Brummet’s absence.

  •  The Clinical Biosafety Committee developed handling policies for LA species based on procedures developed by faculty.  These have been sent to clinical staff for review with the request to provide input to section heads for discussion next month.

  •  VTH Business Office is fully staffed. – Please see distributed document.  ACTION ITEM: JW will send out by email.

  •  3 candidates have been or will be interviewed for the Assistant Director position.   The search committee has made a recommendation RE the VTH Director position

Stringsoft Updates / Questions

Presented by Natalie Lamphier, Stephanie Cessna, Sara Kennedy

  • String soft is based on tracking charges/revenue based on service and ‘user’.  The User is automatically assigned to a service.  Charges entered by a User will be attributed to that service.  Services may sub-itemized based on ‘clinic’ vs. ambulatory vs. other.  If interns and residents are assigned to a service, the service will have to be changed from the default for every entry.  The board members generally agreed that it was not important to track revenue generated by interns/residents specifically, just the faculty overseeing the cases.  It will be important to track which I/R was assigned to a case for communications purposes.  We are trying to track ‘where’ the work was done.  IE. SAIM orders the test, even though another service generates the results.  Expenses need to be associated with the service performing the work. Revenue tracked through service areas, other reports could be used to track performance reports.  ICU needs to be separate from CC.  We need to include ICU and step down as support services that are treated like radiology, anesthesia, pharmacy.   Look into having the receiving schedules in Stringsoft.  IT is having weekly meetings with the vendor but there have been some communication challenges.  IT is now suspecting that the GO LIVE date may not be until April, 2019

Adjustment Process

  • Discretionary
  • Gift
  • Accounts Receivable

Presented by Stephanie Cessna and Sara Kennedy

  • The VTH Billing policies are out of date.  Stephanie Cessna (VTH Business Office Lead) has reviewed and updated them.  Processes have not been altered but are not being followed.  Once the review is completed, JW will send out info on procedures to ensure that adjustment approval has been obtained prior to the client being promised the adjustment.  If the process(es) need to change, JW will bring the issue to the VTH Board.

Research Pricing Working Group Report

  • See distributed summary.  Faculty discussion is planned for Friday Morning Seminar, Oct. 5th.

Projects Update - Equine surgery renovation

  • Equine surgery faculty and facilities met to discuss possible plans for renovation of the equine surgery suite.  See distributed materials.  No action needed at this time from VTH Board Members.

Working Groups Report 

Agenda: Central Laundry; Inventory Management, Pharmacy

  • The Working Group assigned with evaluating the centralization of laundry management in the VTH, and comparing an in-house service versus out-sourcing the service, has submitted their information – see distributed ppt.  This information was presented to all interested parties at two scheduled townhalls.  The consensus was unanimous that centralization of laundry services in the VTH was supported and that the service should be out-sourced as long as the VTH could have input with regards to the laundry products we kept in inventory.  JW will work with the VCM Business Service Center to develop contract info.  Alyssa Duncan will convene a laundry committee to determine inventory.

Budget Items 

Agenda: I/R Requests

  • There are 3.5 new intern requests and 3 new resident requests for FY20.  This does not include a request that has come forward recently regarding an imaging intern.  This also takes into account that the VTH is currently paying for the equine intern working at Midwest Equine which should the Board feels should not be a VTH expense.  ACTION ITEMS: JW will determine the impact on the annual budget and send information to the board to determine funding priorities.

Other Business 


  • VetCT / Imaging
  • Equine Locum
  • Ophtho closing
  • Radiation Oncology foster program
  • VTH Disinfectant 
  • These items were not discussed and JW will be sending info to the VTH Board in a separate correspondence.

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