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KnowledgeBase (KB) Tutorial - How To Review Documents (extend expiration)

This document will walk you through reviewing documents in KnowledgeBase



The KnowledgeBase (KB) is setup to be a central repository for information, both internal and external. 

  • "External" documents are available to the world, with no access restrictions. 
  • "Internal" documents require a University login to access.  Individual documents can be further restricted to only certain people.  

KB documents can be accessed directly through the KB interface, and can also be used as website content.  KB documents have both an "owner" and an expiration date, helping ensure that they remain up-to-date. 

NOTE:  Once a document has expired, it is no longer available to end users.  You will NOT receive email reminders about expired documents.  The document will remain in the KB Admin site in the "Expired" tab, and can be re-enabled.  

There are 2 ways to locate documents that will be expiring soon:

What to do when a document is expiring: 


Finding expiring documents:

Reviewing a document from the email link

  1. In the email that you receive about an expiring KB document, there will be a link that takes you directly to that document's page in the KB Admin Tools.

     KB Email

  2. Go to What To Do


Searching for documents to review

Rather than waiting on the email that documents are expiring, you may wish to find a number of documents at one time.  

To do this: 

  1. Go to the KB  Admin Tools ( and login.  

  2. You'll first get to the "Home" screen. Click on the Documents tab at the top (circled in red).
    • NOTE: Your default screen can be changed using the "My Profile" link on the left navigation.  

KB Admin Tools Home

  1. Select the "type" of document you wish to search for in the left navigation. "Expiring" is selected below, as shown in the blue bar on the left navigation. 
  2. Search for the document you'd like using the search fields (circled in red, below).   

    KB Admin Tools - search documents

  3. Click on the title of the document you want to review. 


What do to: 

Read through the document.  Make sure it's formatted well and decide if edits are needed or not. 


No changes are needed 

  1. Click on the Mark as reviewed button (circled in red, below). 

Mark KB doc as "Reviewed"

  1. A notice will pop up asking if you want to extend the expiration.  Click OK.  

    KB - Extend expiration question


The document needs to be edited / updated:

  1. Click on the Edit button (circled in pink, below).

Edit a KB document

  1. Edit the document.  See for a guide to the TinyMCE editor.

  2. When you're done editing the document, you must ALWAYS change the "Status" to Active (see image below) before clicking on the Submit button (the default status is "In Progress").  

    KB Admin Tools - Mark Active

  3. The "Accessibility Checker" will appear if there are any accessibility issues. Please review the issues to determine if changes are needed.  
  4. Once the document has been successfully set to "Active", you'll see the following screen. Note that the progress bar shows that it's active.  To extend the expiration, click on the Extend expiration button (see the red arrow, below). 

    Status review and expiration extension page after saving



  • If you do not change the status to Active after making changes:
    • The "Active" version (the version shown on the KB) will be the old version and your changes will be kept in an "In Progress" state. If that happens, you'll see that the document has a status of "Active / In Progress"
    • As you can see below, the progress bar is stopped at "In Progress", but the "Active" button is green.  This indicates that an Active version of the page exists, but the current version is "In Progress". 

      Status of a document that is "In Progress / Active"

    • You will not be prompted to extend the expiration date.
  • To fix this, edit the document again, and click on the "Active" button under "Status" and then click Submit


Additional Help

If you need additional help, have questions, or want to make advanced edits, contact SCS Computing staff at

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