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1**** ATLAS Directory62600University of Illinois LAS2017-08-2212530
2PinnacleQuickGuide-BillingInformation.docx [Attachment file]110663University of Illinois Technology Services2021-05-05NA
3ATLAS FormBuilder - Text Merge Formatting (Advanced Users)95562University of Illinois LAS2020-01-081306
4NMR-55 Noyes Lab-Activities Blog [Campus login required]99596School of Chemical Sciences
5Skype for Business, Voicemail Messages, Greetings, and Settings98120University of Illinois Technology Services2020-07-146345
6NMR-A151 CLSL-Activities Blog [Campus login required]99595School of Chemical Sciences
7NMR Staff Publications List (as of Jan 15, 2020) [Campus login required]99587School of Chemical Sciences
8Kaltura, Using Playlists60628University of Illinois Technology Services2021-04-0511108
9Standard Operating Procedure for Differential Scanning Calorimeter98383School of Chemical Sciences
10Kaltura, File size and quality58485University of Illinois Technology Services2021-04-056319
11Kaltura, Media ownership and changing owners58490University of Illinois Technology Services2021-04-054991
12Cloud Emailer Service, Configuring use of the Cloud Emailer Service85412University of Illinois Technology Services2020-12-202573
13Tutorial - Unix/Linux Primer103194School of Chemical Sciences
14cPanel, Getting access and setting permissions84988University of Illinois Technology Services2019-02-279927
15Kaltura, Browser use and compatibility58499University of Illinois Technology Services2021-04-053490
16Kaltura, File types58477University of Illinois Technology Services2021-04-053998
17Kaltura, Trimming videos60623University of Illinois Technology Services2021-04-053258
18Kaltura, Clipping video58493University of Illinois Technology Services2021-04-055275
19Kaltura, User does not exist error58486University of Illinois Technology Services2021-04-056308
20WebStore, Installing MS Project and MS Visio along side MS Office 365 Pro Plus73368University of Illinois Technology Services2020-05-068500

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