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1Cybersecurity, Removing macOS Spam Malware120871University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-245771
2Endpoint Security, Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution, What is Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution?111190University of Illinois Technology Services2022-11-074512
3WebStore, Adobe Apps Management Removed - Permissions message128870University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-032277
4Data Center Services, Information and Escalation109949University of Illinois Technology Services2022-11-071510
5Skype for Business Delegate Add and removal86025UI College of Veterinary Medicine2022-10-283398
6Removing an iPad Activation Lock109482University of Illinois Extension KB2024-05-15672
7Endpoint Security, Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution, How to Scan111377University of Illinois Technology Services2023-11-134793
8Endpoint Security, Malwarebytes Remediation Connector Solution, Prerequisites [Campus login required]111198University of Illinois Technology Services2023-04-0572
9Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Add Time Slots103329UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-07-183340
10Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Add or Remove a Doctor Name from Bottom of Weekly View103334UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-07-183444
11Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Remove a Time Slot103537UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-07-183260
12Firefox 3.5+ (Mac) - Clearing Saved Passwords and Form Data26588DoIT Help Desk2024-07-1738343
13Chrome (Mac) - Clearing Cache and Cookies15153DoIT Help Desk2024-07-17644514
14Vetstar Appointment Scheduler - Remove an Appointment104370UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-07-153011
15Firefox 57+ (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies82464DoIT Help Desk2024-07-1286443
16Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies12384DoIT Help Desk2024-07-023566578
17Teams Contact Center, Account Activation or Deactivation Requests for Agents or Supervisors70130University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-246528
18Browsers, Clearing Cache and Cookies115654University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-2110893
19Networking, Contacts Database, How do I add remove or change info in CDB?60798University of Illinois Technology Services2024-06-205837
20Android (Jellybean) - Clearing Cache and Cookies on Google Chrome26652DoIT Help Desk2024-06-18178687
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