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1Canvas@Illinois , Request a Space for a Registrar-Affiliated Course (Detailed)477462023-08-22176399
2ClassTech, Troubleshooting, Laptop Display (HDMI & VGA)654562024-03-046645
3Networking, URHnet, Documentation for Residence Hall internet policies491032023-12-114660
4Webstore, How do I order another copy of a product I've already purchased?567912023-11-015304
5Canvas@Illinois , Creating a registrar-affiliated course copy1125932023-08-224430
6Canvas@Illinois , Turnitin, Creating an Assignment with Plagiarism Framework1130332023-08-162265
7Canvas@Illinois , Copy content1123622023-08-162009
8Canvas@Illinois , Copying select content from one course to another1123612023-08-162384
9Canvas@Illinois , Copying from a Development Space into a Registrar-affiliated Space1189092023-08-161306
10Canvas@Illinois , Copying quizzes to another course1123632023-08-161929
11Canvas@Illinois , Archived Content1185242023-08-162008
12cPanel, Automatically copying backups to Box1303102023-08-16637
13Canvas@Illinois , Turnitin, Creating an Assignment using the External Tool1130352023-08-082386
14Kaltura, Trim, Copy, or Create a Clip of a video754202022-09-2013184
15Security, P2P Infringement Violations566822021-05-253276
16Security, Copyright Information and Blocked for Infringement482462021-05-066226
17Kaltura, Uploading media files and original copies592382021-04-056099

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