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1How do I restore backed-up files?91283UIC Technology Solutions2020-09-281801
2Internet Explorer 8 (Win) - Clearing Saved Passwords and Form Data26434DoIT Help Desk2019-08-3028508
3Internet Explorer 9 & 10 (Win) - Clearing Saved Passwords and Form Data26484DoIT Help Desk2019-08-3093521
4Internet Explorer 8 (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies12314DoIT Help Desk2019-02-05802703
5Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies15141DoIT Help Desk2019-02-054698564
6Scanning Records - Should I Scan?92902University of Illinois System2020-11-241550
7Records and Information Management Glossary94811University of Illinois System2020-11-241602
8Should I use an Online Whiteboard when conducting synchronous sessions with my students?106700UIC Technology Solutions2020-11-24256
9Kaltura, Captioning Tools72201University of Illinois Technology Services2020-11-1114265
10College of FAA: How do I Back up My Data?63107University of Illinois Technology Services2020-09-172883
11Identity Management, Active Directory, How to Change Display Name for Faculty/Staff80324University of Illinois Technology Services2020-09-1012131
12Excel - How to Merge Cells939DoIT Help Desk2020-08-131723737
13Basics of membrane-protein interactions using molecular dynamics with NAMD, VMD, and CHARMM-GUI103868School of Chemical Sciences
14Kaltura, Captioning Tools72634University of Illinois at Springfield2020-07-296803
15Requesting administrative (sudo) access on Engineering IT Linux systems81167Engineering IT
Shared Services
16Security, Freedom of Information Act, FOIA34170University of Illinois Technology Services2020-03-163777
17Security, Policy, Access to employee's email/files/folders by someone other than employee48321University of Illinois Technology Services2020-03-109934
18Networking, Lens API Quick Start Guide47895University of Illinois Technology Services2019-04-107739
19Illinois Compass 2g, Student view for Instructors49316University of Illinois Technology Services2017-10-103095
20What is Records and Information Management?94810University of Illinois System2020-11-241954

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