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1UAFR - Guide To Banner Finance Pages119486UI Training and Development Resources2024-06-203652
2Cornerstone - Training for University of Illinois Springfield119458UI Training and Development Resources2023-06-266364
3AITS - Service Desk - System Status Page - Editor User Guide [Campus login required]123931University of Illinois System2024-05-097
4Status Page, Editor User Guide124227University of Illinois Technology Services2024-04-03209
5UAFR - Asset Search121652UI Training and Development Resources2024-02-021558
6Ability LMS - Master Schedule for the Trainer Profile117414UI Training and Development Resources2023-08-281814
7TDX, Guidelines and Standards for Asset Management Applications131814University of Illinois Technology Services2024-07-011077
8Ability LMS - Courses Segment for the Trainer Profile118894UI Training and Development Resources2023-08-281417
9Professional Accounts - Discounts Policy [Campus login required]123683UofI College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital2024-07-03599
10TDX, Asset Management Application Resources131347University of Illinois Technology Services2024-01-30827
11Status at Illinois, How to add/change your Unit's service(s)127594University of Illinois Technology Services2023-05-03744
12Zoom: Noteworthy Settings126719School of Information Sciences2024-07-031362
13TDX, U of I Main Application Administrators (App Admin) Expectations131960University of Illinois Technology Services2024-07-01834
14TDX, U of I Main Advisory Group Charter131817University of Illinois Technology Services2024-07-01975
15TDX: Basic Ticket Functions129249School of Information Sciences2024-06-03779
16Contracts+ Using the Contract Request Form – Contract Requestor120324UI Training and Development Resources2024-05-163487
17Installing/Updating Applications using Microsoft Software Center102744University of Illinois Extension KB2024-05-153261
18Contracts+ Searching for Contracts120325UI Training and Development Resources2024-05-141911
19Contracts+ Contract Requestor Using the Contract Request Form128508UI Training and Development Resources2024-05-14962
20UAFR - Biennial Inventory Mobile Application iOS Guide119611UI Training and Development Resources2024-04-182542
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