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1**** Canvas, How to request a new space or check status of a request473652022-03-168774
2*** Canvas, Request a Space for a Registrar-Affiliated Course (Detailed)477462022-08-09170562
3University of Illinois, General LTI Integrations878672022-11-156593
4Illinois Compass 2g, Who has permission to enroll/add/remove students or instructors to course spaces?473732022-10-254620
5Canvas, Instructors, Adding and deleting rosters from a requested space546112022-08-1812030
6Illinois Compass 2g, What is the current version of Illinois Compass?473622022-06-203826
7Illinois Compass 2g: Changing Course Entry Point915082022-06-202664
8Illinois Compass 2g, Viewing survey data473862022-06-205938
9Illinois Compass 2g, Viewing the course roster498802022-06-2024237
10Illinois Compass 2g, Profiles for Instructors798952022-06-204737
11Illinois Compass 2g, New Text Editor1136532022-06-201182
12Illinois Compass 2g, Annotate Grading Tool1050472022-06-202573
13Illinois Compass 2g, Submission Receipts for Assignments823192022-06-206641
14Illinois Compass 2g, Inline Grading797192022-06-206172
15Illinois Compass 2g, Drag and drop files822612022-06-203630
16iClicker, Cloud Roster and Grade Sync on Illinois Compass1055802022-06-202087
17Illinois Compass 2g, Attendance Tool885052022-06-203785
18Illinois Compass 2g, Bulk delete columns822642022-06-203717
19Illinois Compass 2g, Canvas, Students, Best Practices for Taking Online Tests841822022-06-206119
20Illinois Compass 2g, How to change student's availability in a course908342022-06-203615

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