Top Documents of the Week

  1. Installing/Updating Applications using Microsoft Software Center
  2. How to Pin your Favorite Apps to the Start Menu or Taskbar
  3. Importing Google Chrome bookmarks from a backup
  4. Backing up bookmarks in Google Chrome
  5. Restoring your Microsoft Outlook signature on another computer
  6. Standard IT Recommend / Supported Equipment List
  7. New Extension Computer Setup
  8. How to create a bootable USB drive for Secure Erase
  9. How to Data Wipe a PC (Using Parted Magic)
  10. Adobe Licensing
  11. Activating Google Apps
  12. How to change your NetID password on Extension Network
  13. Factory Resetting iPad
  14. Useful Links
  15. Windows - Checking for Windows Updates
  16. Installing the Zoom for Outlook Add-in
  17. Instructions Regarding 4-H County Shows on the Website
  18. How to Determine Hard Drive Type
  19. Connecting Your Mobile Device to uie-uofi
  20. Uninstalling the Zoom for Outlook Plugin
  21. Computer equipment insurance renewal information
  22. Add an additional mailbox in Outlook
  23. Import photos from iPhone or iPad to Computer using Photos
  24. Skype for Business Keeps Asking for Exchange Credentials
  25. How to Log into Adobe Acrobat

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