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1**** Contacts Database, Updating items, entries, and contact groups128725University of Illinois Technology Services2023-05-31349
2**** Help Desk, What department Help Desks are available?75274University of Illinois Technology Services2023-02-2811209
3*** WebStore - Adobe Apps Management Removed - Permissions message128870University of Illinois Technology Services2023-08-08558
4*** Webstore, Adobe Creative Cloud- Troubleshooting issues with installations and licensing114791University of Illinois Technology Services2023-08-085521
5System HR - Salary Planner Tool: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)120624UI Training and Development Resources2022-11-23877
6System HR - Salary Planner Budget Profile Code Verification Instructions120622UI Training and Development Resources2022-11-23800
7Networking, Lens, API Calling Context Parameters48171University of Illinois Technology Services2020-03-1614059
8Endpoint Security, CrowdStrike, Supported Operating Systems [Campus login required]114002University of Illinois Technology Services2023-10-0210060
9ATLAS Exam Attendance - Adding an exam session69196University of Illinois LAS2016-12-135117
10Identity Management, Leaving Campus for Graduating Students51006University of Illinois Technology Services2023-08-1527659
11Technology Services Wi-Fi Help Portal-Troubleshooting90276University of Illinois Technology Services2022-10-265442
12System Office - Unable to Log into Windows (10 or 11) PC After Netid Password Change114706University of Illinois System2023-10-025028
13Identity Management, Tools, Cerebro Overview [Campus login required]98155University of Illinois Technology Services2023-09-284020
14KnowledgeBase (KB) Tutorial - How To Review Documents (extend expiration)107048School of Chemical Sciences
15Identity Management, Troubleshooting and Solutions for using Urbana Single Sign-On Pages120537University of Illinois Technology Services2023-07-2110974
16Shibboleth, Establishing Your Service in the I-Trust Federation48457University of Illinois Technology Services2023-03-2413502
17Endpoint Services, Munki, Adobe Remote Update Manager (RUM)112206University of Illinois Technology Services2023-09-252624
18Security, Cryptolocker, Ransomware, Malware62569University of Illinois Technology Services2023-09-254862
19Pinnacle, Quick Start Guide for Submitting Service Requests48558University of Illinois Technology Services2023-09-0628135
20EWS Lab Hours & Locations104731Engineering IT
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