cPanel, What domain names can I use for my website? What domain names can't I use?

All accounts provisioned at will have a subdomain of as their initial domain. (For example, if you create youraccountname, it will be located at
You can use these kinds of subdomains:
  • Your own NetID
  • A third level domain that you own under, if you contact us to arrange for that domain to be given to you 
  • (for example, if you already own, contact us and we can arrange for you to own as well)
  • Most unclaimed domains between 9 and 16 characters in length
You can't use these kinds of subdomains:
  • Someone else's NetID
  • A domain name of 8 or fewer characters, because it could be someone's NetID
  • A third level domain that belongs to someone else

Domain names are subject to review by Technology Services.

Getting another type of custom domain

If you want to get a custom domain that doesn't involve "web" (for example, or, see cPanel, How to get a custom domain

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