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41Veterinary Technician On-Call Schedule for ER, ICU and IMC SOP [Campus login required]1332382024-01-2655
42Reassignment of Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants of a Closed VTH Service SOP [Campus login required]1323532024-01-2659
43Weight Checks for Hospitalized Large Animal Patients [Campus login required]1333212024-01-2636
44Imaging Readouts When Radiologist is on Duty [Campus login required]1333222024-01-2633
45On-Call EQMS Student Patient-Care Shifts [Campus login required]1333232024-01-2641
46University-Owned Agricultural Animals Requiring Veterinary Care SOP [Campus login required]1288302024-01-26157
47Admission of free-living (wild) White-Tailed Deer Presented to the VTH [Campus login required]1288282024-01-26161
48Process of Asset Disposal [Campus login required]1266692024-01-26246
49Process for Equipment Repairs [Campus login required]1266852024-01-26230
50Imaging Service Sedation [Campus login required]1266882024-01-26220
51Imaging Service Sedation for Radiographs [Campus login required]1266902024-01-26218
52Shipping Research Drugs Out-of-State [Campus login required]1267202024-01-26231
53Sign Language -Interpretation Services Available for Clients [Campus login required]1267212024-01-26262
54UCC Cases with rDVMs Needing SAC Specialty Appointments  [Campus login required]1267582024-01-26249
55Imaging Ultrasound Machine Aspirates by Other Services  [Campus login required]1267592024-01-26250
56SAC Rads Room [Campus login required]1267112024-01-26290
57Expired Medications SOP [Campus login required]1266862024-01-26224
58Labeling of Repackaged Medications [Campus login required]1266932024-01-26339
59Packaging Items for Sterilization [Campus login required]1266972024-01-26256
60Labeling Sterilization Packages and Expiration Dates [Campus login required]1266942024-01-26223
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