Top Documents of the Week

  1. How do I connect to a network drive or file share?
  2. How to find the computer name on Windows computers
  3. EWS Labs, Remote Access, Connecting to EWS Linux with FastX
  4. EWS, Remote Access
  5. CS VM Farm - Power on or reset VMs
  6. EWS, Remote Access, Connecting to Citrix
  7. EWS Lab Hours & Locations
  8. How do I map a printer?
  9. EWS Labs, Remote access to your EWS Windows home directory
  10. Siebel Center Printers, Copiers, Scanners, Plotters (Poster printer)
  11. How to configure Remote Desktop to use the UIUC Remote Desktop Gateway
  12. EWS Labs, EWS Lab software
  13. Linux Command Quick Reference
  14. How to add an Engineering printer on Windows
  15. EWS Labs, Printing and refund policies
  16. Linux Software Modules
  17. How to add an Engineering printer on Mac
  18. EWS Labs, EWS Policies
  19. EWS Labs, Installing Optional Software
  20. How do I add a printer in CSL?
  21. Instructor Tools
  22. CS VM Farm
  23. Linux Shells
  24. Calibrating a Wacom Pen Tablet
  25. AV Tools Check - Document Camera
  26. Echo360 - Downloading Content from a Class
  27. How to find your computer's MAC Address
  28. Leaving the University? Don't forget your data!
  29. LabCheck Instructions
  30. Siebel Center Hours and E-Lock Requests
  31. EWS Labs, Printing, Printing to an EWS printer with your own computer
  32. EWS Labs, Remote access to your EWS Linux home directory
  33. AV Tools Check - Resident PC
  34. AV Tools Check - Room Audio
  35. Options for upgrading end-of-life Windows 7 computers
  36. AV Tools Check - DVD, Bluray
  37. Access EWS Linux remotely with SSH
  38. Recommended Teaching Resources and Tools
  39. AV Tools Check - Wireless Presentation
  40. AV Tools Check - Notes
  41. AV Tools Check - General
  42. Siebel Center Conference Rooms
  43. EWS Labs, Transferring files between Linux and Windows home directories
  44. Using Echo360 Universal Capture: A Quick Guide
  45. AV Tools Check - Batteries
  46. AV Tools Check - laptop VGA
  47. AV Tools Check - Control Panel
  48. AV Tools Check - Touch/Pen Display
  49. AV Tools Check - Lecture Capture
  50. How to add an Engineering printer on Linux
  51. Purchasing: What are the different roles in Purchasing?
  52. AV Tools Check - Display
  53. AV Tools Check - Microphones
  54. AV Tools Check - Video Conferencing
  55. AV Tools Check - Laptop HDMI
  56. EWS Labs, EWS Software Request Policy
  57. How to install BA3 for Civil Engineering (CEE) Business Office staff
  58. AV Tools Check - Projector
  59. AV Troubleshooting - HDCP Problems, Laptop displays only a green screen to the projector
  60. Schedule a meeting using Zoom
  61. Instructor Checklist - Engineering IT - Fall 2021
  62. AV Troubleshooting - Displayed Image "Stuck" or "Frozen"
  63. Chart: If our faculty use CFOPs from another unit for their appointments, they will not be included in the COA and they will have to enter them manually when doing the appointment?
  64. Engineering Standard Video Conference System Information
  65. UgradRecs: Access Request Form (download)
  66. EWS Labs, Account Policy
  67. Echo360 - Student Guide for Echo360
  68. Ugradrecs: Who should I contact to get access?
  69. Wireless Presentation Devices - Apple TV Gen 4 Setup
  70. ECHO 360 - Responding to Activities During Class
  71. Echo360 - Creating a Short Answer Activity
  72. Submit Review: Which DocTypes are transferred from HireTouch?
  73. Directory: What is Directory?
  74. Engineering College Printing
  75. How do I unlock or change the password on my Active Directory account?
  76. How to Edit and Manage your Engineering Course Website on
  77. ECHO 360 - Taking Notes and Asking Questions
  78. iPay: How do I change the email address of the person who receives notification of new orders?
  79. AV Troubleshooting - Projector Not Starting Up or Not Displaying Content
  80. What software is available to me?
  81. Requesting administrative (sudo) access on Engineering IT Linux systems
  82. CS 225 SSH environment
  83. Manage JupyterHub sessions
  84. How do I forward/redirect my university email to another account?
  85. AV Troubleshooting Guide
  86. AV Troubleshooting - Monitor not powering on
  87. What is Engineering Linux?
  88. Discontinued Usage of Proctorio After Summer 2021 Term
  89. Gradrecs: How do I view/update the Area Chair list for my units Research Areas?
  90. End of Life Operating System Exception Request Procedure
  91. EWS Labs, Research Computing Policy
  92. Wireless Presentation - Ditto
  93. Echo 360 - Flagging and Bookmarking Content
  94. Echo360 Service Update
  95. Essential Software for Students
  96. [AV Tools Tooltip Template]AV Tools {Short Type} - {Item}
  97. Computer Science Course Room Access at Siebel Center
  98. How to configure Windows to use automatic DHCP settings
  99. University Network Jacks
  100. EWS Labs, How do I reserve a lab?
  101. GradRecs: User Request Form (download)
  102. Siebel Center Swiping into Rooms
  103. How do I get a custom domain name for my website
  104. Echo360 - Instructor Guide for Echo360
  105. University property tags (PTags)
  106. Ferpa: Why don't I have access after taking the training?
  107. EWS Labs, Printing, EWS PaperCut FAQ
  108. Do you have any spare computer equipment that I could have or purchase?
  109. Computer Science Graduate Student Access at Siebel Center
  110. Echo 360 - Editing Content Details
  111. Vacation: Employee has a negative vacation balance
  112. EWS Labs, Resetting Gnome / Firefox settings
  113. AV Troubleshooting - Laptop Not Displaying
  114. How do I get a course website
  115. ECHO 360 - Viewing Live Classes (Students)
  116. Computer Science Faculty Access at Siebel Center
  117. Echo 360 - Participating in Q&A Discussions
  118. Blended Learning Recommendations
  119. Echo360 Account Settings
  120. How to use the Groups tool in the my.engr portal

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